Lowering Your Heating Bill this Winter: Home Snuggers, Southern Maine Foam Insulation Contractors, Provide a More Energy Efficient Home

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Many homes in Maine are in desperate need of insulation or re-insulating, the team at Home Snuggers can help with an efficient, affordable solution with injected foam insulation in Maine

Southern Maine foam insulation contractors operating in Westbrook, Scarborough, Saco, Gray, and Portland, ME and the surrounding area can help homeowners lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year. During the winter months, the costs for keeping warm are front in center for most Maine residents. The past few years have shown the cost of oil, gas, and electric heating continue to climb. For many, as the years go on, it can be seen that they are not only paying more for the cost to heat their homes, but also using more resources to heat their homes. Insulation between inner and outer walls and in the attic are one of the primary things that helps to prevent the heat escaping from people’s homes.

But, why does this happen? The homes in New England were obviously built with the frigid winters we see in mind. So, why do homes in this area get colder with each passing winter? There are a few reasons for this. First, some of the winters faced have been harsher than others. If the insulation in ones home is not as good at stopping the flow of heat between the inside and outside, the homeowners will notice those colder winters more readily. The ability of insulation to prevent heat from traveling through it is called thermal resistance. Insulation is given an R-value to indicate its thermal resistance rating. So, the higher the R-value is, the less heat transfers through the insulation. This works both ways. So, insulation with a higher R-Value will keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer. Foam insulation has some of the highest R-value ratings available on the market today.

Old insulations are prone to breakdown over time. They start to degrade simply from age. They may be damaged from moisture over the years. The degradation makes it so it doesn’t fit as snug as it should. Foam insulation, though, can be put in right over top of existing insulation. This means a few things. First, homeowners are not investing in labor for the time it will take to clear out the old insulation. Furthermore, the insulating of their home will go smoother and faster. Injected foam insulation in Maine can also be used to help insulate concrete foundations and basements, work around pipes and electrical conduits, and only require a small hole be made in the walls where the foam can be inserted.

With the high R-values provided by RetroFoam, homes can be more energy efficient. With the higher rated insulation, there is less heat escape through the walls and attic. During the summer months, the house is kept cooler by keeping heat outside.

About Home Snuggers: Home Snuggers provides quality, affordable foam insulation in Maine.

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