Online Bed Quilt, Leading Mattress Store, Responds To The FDA’s Decision To Cut Dosage Of Sleeping Pills Reported on CBS Minnesota

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Following an article published on CBS Minnesota that describes the FDA’s decision to cut the dosage on sleeping pills for women, leading mattress store Online Bed Quilt, supports the decision and encourages people to find an alternative to sleeping pills.

On January 16, Online Bed Quilt comments on an article published by CBS Minnesota on a new Food and Drug Administration decision to cut sleeping pill dosage in half for women.

According to the CBS Minnesota article, the FDA ordered the makers of Ambien and other sleeping pills to cut dosages for women due to results found from a new study. This includes all pills or medications including the drug Zolpiderm. The article said many people have reported sleep related issues when taking drugs including Zolpiderm, such as sleep walking and sleep eating.

The article said recent studies by the FDA have revealed that women sometimes still exhibit problems the morning after they take the sleeping drug. Sometimes even eight hours after taking the drug, 15 percent of women still have drug levels that would be unsafe for driving.

Sleeping pill expert, Dr. Michel Cramer Bornemann of Hennepin County Medical Center’s sleep disorders clinic, said, “What we are really talking about are delayed reaction times. Delayed reaction time in a car 65 miles an hour, delayed reaction is the difference between a minor fender bender or a potential tragedy.”

He also said the reason why women feel the drug so long after taking it is because they metabolize it slower. However, the article said though women are more susceptible to prolonged effects of sleeping drugs, men can also feel it after waking up.

Representative Justin Maas of mattress store Online Bed Quilt, said sleeping pills should be a last resort. “Sleeping pills aren’t healthy to take every night,” Maas said.
“And these newly discovered delayed reactions, are also extremely unsafe. It’s important to look for other ways to make sleep easier such as improving your mattress or sleep products.”

Maas said while mattresses are expensive, getting a new one could improve the way your body rests and might make falling asleep easier. “People need to get to the root of their sleep problem before they start taking sleeping pills,” Maas said. “An uncomfortable mattress or pillow could be the reason why you’re not sleeping and changing that might undermine the need to take sleeping pills.”

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