Online Bed Quilt, an Expert on Mattress Sales, Comments on the Recovery of the Mattress Manufacturing Industry Cited By Daily Markets

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After an article published by Daily Markets, which discusses the predicted rise of mattress sales in the future, Online Bed Quilt confirms the industry’s recovery and hopes the rise of sleep disorder education will fuel industry sales.

On January 17, Online Bed Quilt comments on an article published by Daily Markets with regard to the promising future for the mattress manufacturing industry.

According to the article posted on Daily Markets, the mattress manufacturing industry has been on a five-year decline due to the collapse of the economy and the big slump in the real estate market. The housing market crash in 2007 crippled the industry. With less people buying homes, there were less people buying new mattresses.

The article said the recession severely hurt the mattress industry. There was a drastic revenue decline. Revenue decreased about 2.5 percent annually, which amounted to about $7.1 billion. However, the article also said revenue is expected to increase about 1.7 percent as people begin to buy houses again and have more money to spend.

In the article, IBISWorld industry analyst Doug Kelly said, “Because consumers generally purchase new furniture and household items when they move into new homes, activity in the residential real estate market directly affects household demand for mattresses.”

Representative Justin Maas of mattress store Online Bed Quilt, agreed with Kelly. “The mattress manufacturing industry has been hurting over the past few years,” Maas said. “Finally it’s turning around due to the increase in home sales and the fact that people have more money to spend on household items.”

Maas also said real estate was not the only reason why mattress sales should continue to increase this year. “People are starting to realize that sleep is just as important to their health as exercising is,” Maas said. “Sleeping lowers your risk of heart disease and other illnesses associated with insomnia. Your body recovers during sleep and the world is finally recognizing that due to highly publicized studies. Buying better mattresses leads to better sleep habits and a healthier lifestyle. Mattress sales should thrive with these new sleep-related studies.”

The article concluded that while the mattress industry is consolidating, it should see a steady rise in the next five years. Hotels will also start buying more mattresses and sleep products as consumers begin to travel more again.

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