Mattress Company, Online Bed Quilt, Comments on New Glasses That May Correct Bad Sleep Habits as Reported By Venture Beat

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Following an article published by Venture Beat, which details a pair of innovative glasses and their ability to curb bad sleeping habits, mattress company Online Bed Quilt commends the invention, but urges people to also make improvements to their mattresses.

On January 18, Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by Venture Beat, which describes the invention of a pair of glasses that could help insomniacs.

According to the article posted on Venture Beat, engineers from Flinders University in Australia developed eyeglasses that can help you accomplish whatever you want by using a light-provoked training method. The glasses, created and constructed by Re-Timer, were revealed at Consumer Electronics Show’s Eureka Park last weekend. Re-Timer’s operations manager Claire Hoban said the glasses were made after about 25 years of research conducted at the University.

The article said these glasses could be used to train insomniacs, or people who have trouble falling asleep, to actually get tired enough to go to bed. The glasses expel a green light, which is used to make you more alert. If you want to go to sleep earlier, the article said you should wear the Re-Timer glasses immediately when you wake up for about 50 minutes. If you tend to wake up earlier than you would like, wear the glasses for 50 minutes before you want to go to sleep.

Hoban said she evaded jet lag and had a better night sleep by wearing the glasses before she got on the plane to go to the CES in Las Vegas, Nev. from Australia. “You’re training your body to a different rhythm,” Hoban said in the article. “The green light activates the photoreceptors in your eyes and makes you more alert.”

Representative Justin Maas of mattress store Online Bed Quilt said technology has come a long way and that it’s good to see new inventions coming out for sleep-related issues. “These glasses almost work like day and night cycles and they could help in training your body to fall asleep,” Maas said. “However, training yourself to sleep might also be more efficient if you had the proper mattress.”

Maas said there are many reasons for insomnia, but one of them is because people cannot relax enough when sleeping or have trouble getting comfortable. “Mattresses can make a huge difference in your sleep,” Maas said. “Having the wrong mattress type for your body could just make sleeping painful, instead of relaxing. It’s important to also look at how your old your mattress is. Maybe it’s time for a new one or just one better suited for your body.”

The article said that while the Re-Timer glasses have been available in Australia for a few months, they can now be purchased internationally and will be available to buy in America. They cost about $274.

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