The Wellness Center’s Ground Breaking Research Shows Endocrine Health Issues can be Caused by Reversible Mal-Absorption

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Pioneering research from Dr. Dale’s Five Element Saliva Test results proves that mal-absorption can lead to Endocrine health issues. Dr. Theresa Dale of the Wellness Center for Research and Education details new findings around the increasing incidences of Endocrine system malfunctioning to enable people to reconsider lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation support strategies for increased health as part of their New Year’s resolutions.

Menopause, Hormone, Lifestyle Saliva Test

Menopause, Hormone, Lifestyle Saliva Test

The first phase is to test and pinpoint the origin of endocrine stress. Dr. Dale’s Five Element Saliva test can measure hormone imbalance, food intolerance, and the presence of certain parasites such as Candida.

Dr. Dale’s Research over the past 25 years on both hormone irregularity and digestive issues guided her development of a Five Element Saliva Test panel that tests hormones, parasites, candida, and gluten intolerance. With over 20,000 saliva tests, the results conclusively indicate that mala-absorption can lead to conditions that many healthcare professionals think of as untreatable and irreversible. Dr. Dale has proven protocols to overcome these “untreatable” hormone and digestive issues.

The endocrine system is made up of hormones, the various glands that produce them, and the many bodily functions regulated by the chemical messengers. Chemicals that mimic, block or disrupt the normal function of hormones are known as endocrine disruptors. Polycarbonate and other plastic food and beverages (water) containers contain these disrupting chemicals such BisPhenolA. Exposure causes early puberty including increased breast size and public hair on both male and female children. Other disruptors are phthalates in cosmetics, hormone replacement (HRT), pesticides, mercury fillings, heavy metals from many sources including calcium supplements. Prescription medications, cleaning products, and chemicals such growth hormones in beef are also endocrine disruptors.

The endocrine gland system produces chemical hormone secretions that help control the body's metabolic activity. Mal-absorption in the alimentary tract is caused by many internal and external factors which contribute to endocrine toxicity. The environment, exposure to radiation (cell phones, x-rays, etc.), lack of exercise are a few external factors. Internally, the digestive system has to handle heavy metals, parasites, Candida, inappropriate food, medications, stress and emotions. When handled poorly, any combination of these can lead to mal-absorption anywhere in the whole system. Symptoms of mal-absorption include digestive issues, flatulence, allergies, bloating, water retention, heart palpitations, constipation, rectal bleeding, ulcers, etc.

The results from these mal-absorption conditions cause food allergies, food and gluten intolerance, Dysbiosis or imbalanced good flora, and overgrowth of Candida. Often, prescription drugs for digestive distress suppress their symptoms and do not treat the causes.

Dr. Dale discovered a phased protocol to treat and rebuild the endocrine system disorders. The first phase is to test and pinpoint the origin of endocrine stress. Dr. Dale’s Five Element Saliva test can measure hormone imbalance, food intolerance, and the presence of certain parasites such as Candida. It is also recommended to do a stool test for other parasites. See her Candida self-assessment test:

Candida causes mal-absorption in both men and women. It can be deep and systemic, topical or focused in one area. It is an underlying condition in many diseases. There are two species that are becoming increasingly widespread in the US, Europe and South America hospitals.

Candida Tropicalis is a major cause of life-threatening septicemia and disseminated candidiasis, especially in patients with lymphoma, leukemia and diabetes. Candida Parapsilosis is an important cause of nosocomial infections (infections acquired after 72 hours after hospitalization). This a major concern as this species tends to grow as biofilms on implanted medical devices, conferring almost total resistance to antifungal drugs.

Detoxification is the next step with homeopathic formulas and whole body cleanses. Mercury and heavy metals, microbes, bacteria, viruses, and parasites can be eliminated as well as radiation from cell phones, computers. Detoxifying HRT is urgent it causes the body to shut down production of its own natural hormones, causes a dependency aging the body and burdens the body’s filtering organs. This in turn causes toxic elevated or suppressed levels of hormones and adrenal stress.

Detoxify the body with products over specific periods of time to cleanse the body and eliminate parasites. A Three‐Month Slow Cleanse is advised for people feel that their body is extremely toxic. While detoxing, it is advised to drink a minimum of 64 ounces of purified water a day and eat healthy organic food.

The third step is to rebuild and repair the body through diet and nutritional supplements. The foundation for rebuilding the body and reducing biological age is a healing and Endocrine diet composed of 60% raw organic food and nutritional supplements. It is important that supplements do not contain heavy metals or animal products. Raw food has more nutrients and enzymes available than cooked foods. Whole food vegetables, fruit, young white coconuts, soaked seeds and nuts along with Wheat Grass Juice, brown rice, first pressed olive oil and wild fish are the foundation for the this diet. Avoid all fermented foods, mushrooms, yeast, sugar, vinegar, alcohol when Candida is present.

How does a person know if they need a saliva test? Dr. Dale offers free self assessment tests on her website to help anyone make a choice.

All health providers and other inquiries are welcome to visit for more information on advanced educational seminars. California College for Natural Medicine (CCNM) offers courses based in Naturopathy and Homeopathy. CCNM was founded by Dr. Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP.

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