Windy City Novelties Provides 13 Steps to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

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Party supply company offers practical steps to accomplish 2013 goals

A New Year brings on new opportunities and goals. However, most are no better off than they were the year before. On average, only 63% of people still keep up with their New Year’s resolutions after only two months. The problem with sticking to a goal is people are going about accomplishing them in the wrong way.

In order to fulfill all those New Year’s resolutions, Windy City Novelties has offered some tips. Just like a goal has steps to take before it can be accomplished, there are steps to take to keeping a goal on track and not leaving it behind in the dust.

1. Start Small - Being ambitious is great! Being overly ambitious will lead to giving up on the goal before January even ends. Choose a goal that is manageable and easily broken into various pieces. Many small goals are easier to accomplish than one large goal.

2. Limit List - Of course we all have many goals we want to accomplish, but taking on too much at once won’t accomplish anything. Pick a couple that will be manageable together and work on those for now.

3. Be Specific - When creating a new goal or resolution, one needs to create the specifics. For example, wanting to lose weight is on the list for many people. To lose weight, there are two main areas to focus on; food and exercise. What foods should be cut from daily diets and what should be added? Keep an eating chart each day. Exercising should be scheduled into everyday routines. Keep a list of what days and times to hit the gym and what exercises where completed. Continue to build on this list.

4. Write it Down - Take out a poster board and write down overall goals, the reason for making the goal, the steps to take to reach it and what will happen if it never gets accomplished. Keep a message board for daily goals as well. By having these written down and in a visible location, it will become motivation for completing them.

5. Make Time - After setting the goals, the question becomes when will there be enough time to complete them. That is always the hardest struggle, adding in more work to an already busy daily routine. After a long hard day’s work, most people want to crash on the couch in front of the TV with junk food, just relaxing. To prevent this from happening, schedule goals into everyday activities. To make it easier, don’t head home until the goal is accomplished for the day. This will help prevent any slacking.

6. Ask for Help - Sometimes motivating oneself is tough. Mention a goal to family and close friends and they will generally help with the motivation. That may not sound appealing, but it works!

7. Get a Partner - Asking someone to complete a resolution together, can be a successful way of completing it. If looking to get healthy, ask a friend who goes to the gym regularly to be a workout partner. They will make sure to keep you going. Ask a friend who hates cigarettes to hang out more. They will show the hot spots where no one smokes. It makes quitting a lot easier.

8. Track Progress - Keep track of success! As stated before, break big goals into mini goals and give rewards every time these mini goals get accomplished. Just make sure the reward doesn't hinder the goal.

9. Move Past Doubt, Encourage - Fear, doubt, and worry are part of everyday life and completely normal. What’s bad is letting those feelings take control of one’s life. Push them aside! Stay in control and positive. Replace any negative thoughts with two positive ones.

10. Anticipate Setbacks - Setbacks are bound to happen! Falling back into bad habits are only natural, it’s what people have been doing for years. But there is a reason they are called bad habits and there is a bigger reason why they need to be broken. If someone is a smoker, then an obvious setback would be being around other smokers. One can personally avoid going to places where smokers congregate. For example, the patios at bars; those are smoker hot spots. Just stay away!

11. Have Patience - Things don’t just happen overnight. Rome wasn't built in a day. Accomplishing a goal takes time and hard work. By breaking big goals into pieces, small victories will occur. Be patient.

12. Relax - It’s important not to stress too much about accomplishing goals. Relaxation is an important step in fulfilling goals. Some do this through yoga or meditation. Other’s like to schedule at least 30 minutes every day just for them.

13. Keep Trying - Never give up. Even after failing the first or second time, get back up and try again. New Year’s resolutions are goals that can be made all year long.

For the technology savvy and phone addicts, there are plenty of phone apps out there to help with goals. Whether trying to lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, save money, etc; there are apps to help aid in the process. Keep up with goals on the go.

For advice about keeping a New Year’s resolutions, party planning, other tips or questions, just email our Windy City expert ( and be sure to check out our Windy City blog!

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