Learning to Type is Essential for Good English Skills Too, a Recent User Review Revealed

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Some people think that increasing typing speed and memorizing the letter placement on the keyboard are the only things that can be gained from using an effective typing tutorial program. For some users, however, it’s also about developing better English skills, something supported by the new product from eReflect, Ultimate Typing.

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...improving typing ability also enables the typist to improve their spelling skills.

A typical typing software review will take note of the technical aspects of the program. However, if the reviewer's primary interest is in another area, they will also discuss the impact of the tutorials on the user's other skill sets as important factors to consider. This is what happened when the reviewer at the English Language Skills website examined eReflect’s Ultimate Typing software program.

The reviewer did conclude that this program does improve the user’s technical abilities when it comes to typing. However, the review also pointed out that using Ultimate Typing also improves a person’s English skills. It may seem like a stretch to link these two aspects of language arts, but as the reviewer found, there are many reasons why typing skills and language skills are connected.

One main reason that there's a connection between the two is that improving typing ability also enables the typist to improve their spelling skills. Because a touch typist has no need to constantly look down to check for the right keys to hit, they are better able to focus on the content of what they're typing instead. The problem with being more concerned with navigating through the keyboard is that it distracts the attention from the material itself. This increases the chance of misspellings, which take time and diligence to locate and correct afterwards. Unfortunately, not all spelling mistakes may be found, and some mistakes won't be picked up by the spellchecker.

A simple omission or addition of letters can change the meaning of many words. When such a change results in a new word that is spelled correctly in itself, a spellchecker won't find and correct that typing error. The words “eight” and “weight” are both spelled as they should be, but only one of them will make sense in the context of most sentences. It's easy to miss this sort of mistake when focused on the keyboard instead of watching the words form on the computer screen.

With Ultimate Typing, however, because the typist is better able to concentrate on what is coming up on the screen as they type, they become quicker to catch mistakes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. In effect, they get the opportunity to improve their material right then and there, editing as they go.

As the user review noted, it’s not about typing fast and typing without looking at the keyboard that is the most important result Ultimate Typing delivers. Rather, it’s the ability to be able to focus on what truly is important – the content – by giving the user the unconscious and automatic touch typing skill they need to keep their mind free to concentrate on their English language skills.

For more information about the Ultimate Typing software, visit http://www.ultimatetyping.com/.

ULTIMATE TYPING SOFTWARE is a tutorial program designed specifically for the improvement of typing skills. It was created by eReflect, a world leader in e-learning and self development software.

Since its creation in 2006 by its director, Marc Slater, the company has already catered to over 112 countries all over the world, offering products with the latest cutting-edge technology, some of which are among the world’s most recognized and awarded in the industry.

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