Seconomize Contributes its Innovative E-commerce Technology to Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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For the purpose of scientific advancement in the fields of biochemistry, food, nutrition, and environmental sciences, Seconomize contributes its e-commerce technology to assist with important scientific research.


Seconomize - Following Your Curiosity

"our innovative technology is intended to be used worldwide within the social media market", says Mr. Amit Bohensky, an investor in Seconomize

Seconomize (, an Israeli ecommerce startup company, donated its technology to Dr. Niv's research team at the Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

"We know our innovative technology is intended to be used worldwide within the social media market, but we didn't expect it to be used in the academic studies until we decided to donate our technology to the research team at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem", says Mr. Amit Bohensky, an investor in Seconomize. "We now realize the impact our technology can make in the academic world as well".

The Niv lab at the Hebrew University has recently made their database of bitter compounds, BitterDB, publicly accessible. It now provides a user-friendly interface using Seconomize’s innovative technology.

"Navigating and analyzing the large and rapidly expanding volume of our database of bitter compounds and receptors by sequence, structure, function is important for studying human perception and physiology, and opens new venues for drug discovery", says Dr. Masha Niv from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. "Seconomize technology provides powerful query, analysis and visualization tools to aid the user in mining his way through his online eCommerce purchases. We realized that this innovative new way of exploring online products can be used also by scientists from academia and industry to navigate bioinformatic and chemoinformatic databases and facilitate research, so we were happy to introduce Seconomize interface to our BitterDB database".

Because of its proven ability to assist professionals in scientific research, Seconomize is confident that the development of e-commerce technology will positively benefit businesses seeking sophisticated solutions to their website. Seconomize’s business goals are commensurate to consumer trends in the market. As stated in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau News published in August, E-commerce transactions grew “on a not adjusted basis… [to] $51.2 billion in 2012, an increase of 1.8 percent from the first quarter of 2012.” A study conducted by Forrester in February projects that “e-commerce sales will grow 62% by 2016, to USD 327 billion.” With its sophisticated e-commerce technology, Seconomize expects to be an influential figure in the development of innovative solutions worldwide to companies who wish to grow their business online.

About The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem founded in 1918 by visionaries including Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber and Chaim Weizmann. It is the 53rd best university in the world. In 2012, the Scientist magazine has named the Hebrew University the second best place to work in academia outside of the United States and the ninth best worldwide.

About The BitterDB Database
The Niv lab, in the Institute of Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), uses and develops structural bioinformatics techniques, aimed at studying how protein structure, function and dynamics mediate cell signaling. These studies are providing insights for rational modulation of biological function and facilitate innovative in-silico drug design. One of the major research directions in the Niv lab is the study of bitter taste recognition. This field of research has implications in food science, drug compliance and discovery and development of new drugs.

About Seconomize and Amit Bohensky
Seconomize is an early stage technology startup company based in Israel with the potential for internet-scale growth as a value-add to existing websites and business Facebook pages by adding a new and interactive online layer. Amit Bohensky, a serial entrepreneur and a technologist guru whom specialize in web intelligence, is one of Seconomize's investors.

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