Online Bed Quilt Offers Advice On How Canadians Can Sleep Better By Finding The Best Mattress For Them

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Following an article published by CTV, which discusses the alarming percentage of Canadians suffering from limited sleep, Online Bed Quilt recommends people find the best mattress for their body type.

On January 21, Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by CTV, which discussed the risks associated with sleep disorders and revealed that almost half of Canadians suffer from sleep problems.

According to the article posted on CTV, a study from Laval University found that over 40 percent of Canadians have some sort of sleep related disorder. Though some people might not be severely affected, the article said their sleep is still probably disturbed.

Representative Justin Maas from mattress review company Online Bed Quilt said, “Not everyone has insomnia and some people might not even realize they have a sleep disorder. However, they might wake up tired and not know why.”

The article said there are 96 different sleep disorders, so it’s probable that most people have some type of disorder. These disorders, even if they are minor, could cause other health problems. Insomnia, one of the more popular sleep disorders, is linked to heart attacks and stroke.

“That’s one of the risks associated with insomnia, cardiovascular problems,” says Dr. Willy Galarraga, a sleep medicine specialist at KW Sleep Lab.

Other common sleep disorders include sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Sleep apnea is a disorder that can actually affect breathing during sleep by blocking airways. Sometimes a person with sleep apnea can even stop breathing. While these disorders might be caused by physical or brain issues, the article said there is more than meets the eye when it comes to diagnosing them.

Maas said people should look for the root of the problem before they start trying to diagnose themselves. “Usually sleep disorders could be caused by mental irregularities or anxiety, but it could also be caused from improper sleep habits or sleep products,” Maas said. “Mattresses are imperative to your sleep. If you don’t have the right mattress for your body type, your body won’t be able to fully relax at night and you won’t get the healthy amount of sleep. People experiencing problems sleeping should first look to their sleep products and talk to professionals about finding the best mattress for their body.”

Online Bed Quilt is here to make sure you get a great night’s sleep. We are a family-owned bedding and furniture review company dedicated to helping you find the best mattress and sleep accessories. We collect and share product information, reviews, and the best and latest available sleep solutions. Learn about top brand mattresses, specialty products, and sleep accessories straight from Online Bed Quilt!

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