Hands N Paws Adds New Dog Boot and Shoe Options for Snow, Rain, Hiking, Boating and Other Special Conditions to Keep Dogs Safe and Comfortable

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Hands N Paws, one of the leading sellers of clothing and accessories for small and large dog breeds online, has recently updated its inventory of dog boots and shoes. These new options add to the already robust selection available, and are perfect for protecting the delicate feet of dogs.

Hands N Paws
From the freezing snow, to sharp rocks, to slippery boats, all dogs could use a little help to stay comfortable and safe.

With winter in full swing, extreme weather conditions can make walking outside difficult. From icy sidewalks, to wet, muddy lawns, traversing this usually friendly terrain can be perilous for even the most surefooted. Where humans never leave home without the proper footgear, pets can also be susceptible to the problems that this weather provides. Although they cannot ask for help directly, most dogs would most likely appreciate the warmth and traction that dog boots for snow, rain and slush enable. Hands N Paws, the leading seller of adorable dog boots online, has recently updated their already extensive inventory of dog footwear that can keep dogs of all breeds both large and small safe and happy. Beyond the winter protection, the selection of dog boots and shoes also includes options for active dogs that live in warm weather areas. Perfect for days spent boating or trekking through the mountains, there is something for every dog, and dog owner available online at Hands N Paws.

When suiting up for outdoor activities, humans always have the luxury of finding the right piece of footwear that will not only accentuate their outfit, but also (and more importantly) provide support and protection. From traditional tennis shoes, to hiking boots, to snow shoes, there are no lack of options available for a person to choose from. Unfortunately, animals such as dogs do not have this luxury. Under most circumstances, they are stuck with the paws that they were born with, unable to benefit from modern footwear technology. Smart pet owners can help their furry friends with dog boots and shoes that are available from Hands N Paws. This large selection of cute and functional footwear can help dogs adapt to situations that may not be ideal for their paws. From freezing sidewalks in winter, to scalding cement in summer, it is often times beneficial for dog owners to think about their pet’s feet in the same way that they think about there own.

Although it may take some time to get use to, all dogs can eventually get used to wearing boots and shoes. At first, they will no doubt do the “doggy high step” while getting used to the feeling. This is a natural reaction, and will not last forever. Like all pieces of clothing, or even collars and harnesses, dogs can get used to the feeling of shoes. Although they may not like it at first, they will secretly be thanking their owners when they don’t have to deal with the pain of freezing snow, the scalding heat of scorched cement, or the sting of a cactus thorn.

Like other pieces of dog clothing and accessories available from Hands N Paws, the dog boots and shoes available all come in a wide assortment of sizes, colors and patterns. There are even boots that can match the look and feel of popular human boots, adding for matching options between dog and master! As such, they are not only functional, but also can add a little pizzazz to the style of any pooch. From the large paws of a Golden Retriever, to the tiny feet of a Chihuahua, there are boots available for every breed at Hands N Paws.

No matter what the weather condition, having proper footwear available for dogs is of the utmost importance. From the freezing snow, to sharp rocks, to slippery boats, all dogs could use a little help to stay comfortable and safe. As a special incentive, all dog owners can use the special promo code “PAWS10” to take 10% off not only boots and shoes, but all dog clothing and accessories available from Hands N Paws! This incentive won’t last forever, so show today!

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