End Spam with SpamSit, the Occupy Spam Protest Tool

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SpamSit allows users the choice to have a "sit-in protest" at the websites that are advertised by the spam that each user has received. Available now for Windows from Kykas Corporation.

SpamSit is a new and revolutionary tool to fight spam. Using the power of direct action protest users can disrupt the spam economy and force spammers to adapt opt-in advertising. Using the spam that a user receives SpamSit follows the web links embedded in the spam to identify the website host that is advertising with spam. The user may then choose to protest directly against that website host.

Like the Greensboro sit-ins, a user's protest occupies a "seat" (connection) at the website host. Since there are limited "seats" (connections) available, if enough users receive spam for the same website and choose to protest, paying customers have trouble getting through.

SpamSit provides useful information to the user to help with identifying whether the linked-to-host is spam advertised, or was included in the spam to fool the spam filter or user. The user can see at a glance if the linked-to page is related to the spam subject. The user can also look at the whois information for the domain and ip address as well as dns information for the domain. Additionally, there is a log of the url trace that can be informative.

All handling of email and linked pages is done in a safe way without running any embedded scripts that could compromise the user’s security. There is an option for the user to hide their username and/or domain name if embedded in the email.

Another type of spam that users may protest is the kind that asks for an email response. Most of these are the Nigerian scam emails. The user may choose to protest by sending a randomly generated reply to the scam. If a large number of users protest the scam, the scammers will have a difficult time finding the email replies from the poor fools that fall for their scam.

Softpedia wrote: "SpamSit is an application that was especially created in order to provide you with a means of protesting against spam messages in a simple manner". Free Downloads Center wrote: "Interface is highly intuitive", "user friendly", "terrific features" and "amazing program".

Asked why we should care about spam Janaka Stevens, the author of SpamSit, said "Besides the offensive invasion of privacy spam has a significant economic cost to society. That cost was estimated at $20 billion annually in a paper published in 2012 titled "The Economics of Spam" by Justin M. Rao and David H. Reiley, researchers at Google and Microsoft respectively. On top of that false positives by spam filters also lead to many important emails being missed."

Kykas Corporation, the publisher of SpamSit, was founded in 2011 by Janaka Stevens. For additional information contact Janaka at press @ kykas.com or visit our website http://www.spamsit.com.

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