Choosing the Best Look for Homes in 2013 with Interior House Painters in Myrtle Beach, SC, Myrtle Beach Painting

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Myrtle Beach Painting presents some of the top color choices for interior house painting this year.

Whether one is moving into a new home or looking to decorate the interior of a home they have been in for years, Myrtle Beach Painting can help decide on the best look for 2013. Last year, paint colors were all about being bold and vibrant. Palettes were designed around the urge to be daring. It makes sense, coming out of an economic downturn where ingenuity and creativity had been starkly rewarded. This year, however, color palettes are more about diversity and contrast than overpowering us with unusual colors and combinations.

Painting a home’s interior allows one to further customize their living space. Choosing the right colors can help homeowners show off who the individual is and what they represent. The right color choice can also be responsible for setting mood and tone in a room. For example, reds were once thought of as risqué and a blatant cry for attention. These days, however, they are welcome in our homes, particular in dining and living room areas. A rich red can be helpful to a more passionate or romantic look, but also something a bit more comfortable and cozy. Lighting and the particular shade of red makes a lot of difference. Red has been known to increase energy in a room, which is great for family gatherings around a dining table, because it helps keep us awake and interact with one another. Turn down the lights, however, and step into a deeper red in the living room and it is rich and warm, and helps set the mood for meaningful time spent together and deep conversation.

Interior painters in Myrtle Beach have a repertoire of yellows available for a home's interior, although these are often best selected for kitchen and receiving areas. The lighter yellows are preferred over vibrant, deeper shades. They are seen to be both welcoming and energetic. Their lightness also helps open up a room and make it seem more spacious. It can help to creating a happy and energetic mood. Too much yellow, though, can be a bit overbearing. Thus, it should be balanced with accompanying colors such as white or event peach or light blues. This helps provide a contrast to allow our eyes to detract from the yellow, focus on activity in the room, and still reap the benefits of the yellow coloration.

Blue walls can mean a lot of things, depending on the particular hue that one selects. Myrtle Beach house painters can help find the right one for the particular homeowner. This year, the lighter colors are more popular, as they help us to provide a calming atmosphere in the rooms where they are used. Too much or too dark a blue can lead toward more somber attitudes, but using light blues is calming and welcoming, much like a light yellow. However, light blue is different from the yellows in that it is easier to balance and contrast with, because it does not tend to draw the eye as much. This is great color to choose for a room where to place to have pieces or decor for show.

About Myrtle Beach Painting: Family owned and operated Myrtle Beach Painting has more than 20 years of experience in residential painting and commercial painting, interior painting and exterior painting. They provide a satisfaction guarantee for all their clients and take the commitment to their craft very seriously.

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