Icandrive.ca Reminds Young Drivers of the High Risk of Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and driving is dangerous at any age, but for those who are under the legal drinking age it can result in even greater consequences. This winter, Icandrive.ca offers young drivers important information about the risks of underage drinking and driving.

Any time a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking, they risk very serious consequences, including legal penalties, higher car insurance rates and of course the chance that someone could be injured or worse. When a driver engages in underage drinking and attempts to drive, the consequences can be even greater, including the legal ramifications of underage drinking as well as the potential loss of their drivers license.

Risks to Driving Privileges

Ontario drivers licenses are earned through a graduated licensing program that allows new drivers to learn slowly and improve their skills prior to getting a full license. Among the restrictions placed on drivers in the first stage are a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. This means that drivers caught with a blood alcohol level over zero face the loss of their license.

Because the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 and an Ontario G1 license can be obtained at 16, a large number of G1 drivers are under the legal age limit. Even once the driver graduates to a full G2 license, anyone under the age of 19 must maintain a blood alcohol level of zero at all times, as they are not legally allowed to consume alcohol. Suspension of the driver’s license is a consequence of being caught.

Icandrive.ca also reminds drivers that the legal drinking age differs across Canada and in the U.S. Always obey the local law.

Increased Car Insurance Rates

Icandrive.ca reminds young drivers that due to inexperience they already face higher car insurance rates. A drinking and driving charge on anyone’s driving record results in an increase in premiums for that driver. Young drivers should avoid having any driving tickets on their record, but a drunk driving charge is among the most costly.

When seeking car insurance quotes, drivers under 19 who have a drinking and driving charge are likely to find that rates are much higher than they would have been otherwise.

The Consequences of an Accident

The worst possible consequences of a car accident are injuries and fatalities, but there are also legal consequences. An underage driver who is involved in a car accident while under the influence of alcohol faces all of the same consequences as one who was pulled over, but with the added consequences of the accident itself.

Adding an at-fault accident to a drinking and driving charge can mean very high car insurance rates and may even cause the driver to require high risk insurance. Underage drivers involved in drunk driving accidents are likely to face more serious legal consequences as well.

Icandrive.ca recommends that drivers under the age of 19 refrain from consuming any alcohol at all, especially when they intend to drive. With winter road conditions making driving dangerous and lack of experience adding to the danger, the risk of adding alcohol to the mix is simply too high.

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