Bringing Back the Garden Rose: Vintage Wedding Trend Still Blooming in 2013

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Brides of 2013 seeking garden fresh vintage flowers for their wedding can now source the newest and hottest varieties of peony type garden roses online. Bella Wedding Flowers is pleased to announce that they now deliver a wide variety of farm fresh garden roses directly to the doorsteps of brides all across the USA and Canada.

Garden Roses are seeing a comeback.

Reproducing vintage bouquets using modern, hardy and long-lasting garden roses is the ideal option for brides of 2013-2014

The vintage wedding theme has been trending for a few years now (#vintagewedding, #vintage, #vintagestyle,etc…) and is still going strong in 2013. Weddings are all about family and tradition and so the vintage trend is a natural fit. Vintage equals family heirlooms, jewellery, china and clothing. Vintage is borrowing grandma`s veil or mom`s gloves and giving them new life. Blending sentimental antique items with new items to connect a bride`s family’s past through the renewal of old items is what gives the vintage theme so much emotional value.

One element of a vintage wedding that cannot be handed down through the generations is the bridal flowers. However, reproducing mom or grandma`s old fashioned bouquet using modern flowers with an antique look is the ideal option for modern brides of 2013. If the rose is without a doubt the most quintessential out of all vintage flowers, the garden rose is undoubtedly the best wedding flower to transcend time and recreate bouquets, centerpieces, arrangements and body flowers as a reflection of the past.

In the recent past Wholesale Garden Roses were very hard to obtain from suppliers and florists did not carry them because they did not last very long at all and did not ship well. They would arrive at their destination all disheveled, bruised weak and falling apart. Since then, there has been much advancement in growing technology and current breeds last so much longer than the garden roses of the past.

A simple rehydration once the customer receives them is all it takes to showcase modern garden roses in all their beauty. New and improved growing techniques have permitted Ecuadorian and Columbian farmers to produce resistant, colorful varieties of garden roses that ship well and bloom large while emanating a powerful yet delicate nostalgic scent.

Brides of 2013- 2014 that desire garden roses are fortunate to live in an age where the best quality flowers can be shipped directly from the farms of Ecuador and Colombia to their doorsteps. Both regular sized garden roses and miniature spray garden rose varieties are available for delivery.

Three of the Most Popular Garden Rose Varieties:

1)    Baroness - Pink Garden Roses

Hot Pink Baroness garden rose is one of the newest and hottest variety of garden roses. These beautiful pink garden-style roses open up wide to reveal various shades of pink from light to dark with an overall tone of medium pink. Baroness garden roses feature a very open, traditional rose petal swirl at the center, sometimes with a yellow flower center. This is truly a fresh and wild looking garden rose that can be used for bouquets and body flowers since some of the roses feature extra buds on the stem that are much smaller and perfect for body flowers.

2)    Jeanne Moreau - White Garden Roses

White Jeanne Moreau garden roses are among the most popular new varieties of garden roses. These cream to white roses are big and beautiful and open all the way while emitting a strong yet delicate floral scent. The blooms on this garden rose are so big that they can be substituted for peonies. The stems of a Jeanne Moreau rose are approximately 19 inches when shipped with tight buds. Simply recut them and place in warm water to begin the opening process that will reveal extra-large roses up to 4.5 inches wide

3)    Haiku Romantika - Light Pink Garden Roses

Haiku Romantika is a sweet light pink rose that, once opened is large, impressive and reminiscent of a peony. The fragrance of a Haiku Romantika garden rose is soft yet powerful and almost hypnotic. These roses command respect and attention. The petals of this rose feature various shades of light pink in ruffly petals. The ideal garden rose to bring a vintage wedding style together with class.

Anyone with a vintage theme getting married in 2013 or 2014 is encouraged to view Bella Flowers videos featuring each popular variety of garden roses on each product page.

Bella Wedding Flowers aims to be the number 1 shipper of garden roses in terms of the number of colors available with the best quality and prices offered. Unique offer coming soon: 12 stems garden roses for $68 including overnight shipping with FedEx.

Brides can browse Bella`s complete wedding flower selection or follow Bella Wedding Flowers Blog for frequent floral inspiration.

Bella Wedding Flowers is based out of California, a mecca for wedding flower growers. They ship freshly picked flowers made into fashionable bouquets, corsages and centerpieces all over the USA and Canada and regularly update their product line to stay in line with the trends.

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