Healing Hands in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is Celebrating 16 Years of Practice Providing Ayurvedic Services Including Panchakarma Treatments

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Healing Hands Spa is proud to announce its 16thanniversary providing Ayurvedic services and Panchakarma. The successful, ancient art of finding balance and promoting health naturally though local and organic veggies, herbs, and teas is here to stay.

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Ayurvedic 4 handed Marma Point Massage

At the start of the week I was quiet weak (after the treatments) but by day 7 I could feel myself getting so much stronger by the hour. This treatment was amazing.

Healing Hands celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. With sixteen years of providing life-changing Ayurvedic health care to the public, we remain especially proud of our Panchakarma treatments. Done properly, these treatments require in-depth knowledge of an ancient art that helps clients find better balance in their lives and regain radiant health and energy.

Healing Hands is one of the leaders in using and recommending local and organic vegetables, herbs, and teas. Throughout the years of offering Panchakarma, these healthy options have been integrated into the practice. The results speak for themselves. Healing Hands has helped hundreds of people and remains dedicated to pure practices that support health -- especially the intensive cleansing and regenerative treatment of Panchakarma.

Whether a client comes to Healing Hands for massage, dietary and life-style support or Panchakarma, the care is always tailored to the needs of the individual and their body’s needs at the time. Healing Hands has published information on special massages. Similarly, as part of our ongoing effort to inform the public about health issues, Healing Hands explains in easy-to-understand terms, the methods and health value of Panchakarma. These cover advantages of Panchakarma, overview of therapies and how food can purify you.

Customizing treatments for each individual requires years of practice, ongoing learning, and a strong knowledge base. Greg and Selene Soucy, co-founders of Healing Hands,provide that with a combined 37 years of experience in the field of natural health and healing.

Greg is a licensed massage therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and wellness coach with more than 23 years of experience. He specializes in Ayurveda treatment and body re-education to treat pain, attain improved quality of life. He instructs spas in Ayurvedic treatments and advanced massage techniques and conducts wellness seminars in Mexico and in the United States.

Selene worked as a massage therapist in five-star resorts for many years. She is a certified massage therapist, licensed aesthetician, and certified Feng Shui consultant. Greg and Selene both studied Ayurveda in Florida under Drs. Bryan and Light Miller, and in the Florida Vedic Collage.

Some things clients are saying:
“I am moved by his depth, knowledge, ease and my transformation under his guidance was remarkable. I recommend him without reservation; in fact encourage anyone who is considering a return to health and balance!” by: Joan Barnes

"Over two months ago, I experienced my first Panchakarma with two very accomplished healers. I have been in health care for over 22 years, and "Healing Hands" Panchakarma was the most complete healing I ever experienced. I am more at peace and ease in body, mind and spirit. I am still experiencing the robustness I have not had in years. Their insightful guidance gave me tools to use after I returned home. This process was most worthy of my time and money. Thank you, Greg & Selene, for your complete attentive care to all of my needs during the entire week of healing." by: Dr. Sue Mullen, DC

Healing Hands provides a licensed massage therapist, Ayurvedic practitioners, a wellness coach and a health mentor with more than 37 years of combined experience in the wellness industry. It specializes in Ayurvedic treatments and body reeducation to treat pain, attain balance and achieve quality of life. Healing Hands instructs spas in Ayurvedic treatments and advanced massage techniques, as well as conducts wellness seminars. 305-810-8534.

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