Astrologers Forecast Financial Good News, Urge to Simplify in 2013

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3 well known astrologers in Austin, Texas, make predictions for financial, political and cultural trends in the coming year.

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Astrologers use relative positions of planets and other celestial events to forecast archetypal trends in human affairs.

There are many practical applications for astrology… it can provide powerful intuitive insights that might be missed using other methods alone.

Improved financial markets and attention to water-related issues are among the 2013 news headlines forecast by astrologers Donna Woodwell, Anne Beversdorf and Naomi Bennett at the January meeting of the Astrological Society of Austin.

Financial astrologer and Astrological Society of Austin President Naomi Bennett is optimistic about market performance this year, but is wary of storm clouds on the horizon for 2014. "2013 will likely be a good year for the financial markets. We may even see a few new record highs due to optimistic speculation," Bennett said. "However, 2014 may bring another major correction. The long climb toward recovery may not begin until after another serious adjustment."

Every January, the Astrological Society of Austin, as well as astrology groups in other cities, come together to talk about the forecast for the upcoming year.

"There are many practical applications for astrology," explained Woodwell, an instructor at Kepler College who sits on the board of the International Society for Astrological Research. "Financial analysts use it to forecast market trends, marketers or authors use it to predict public moods, and individuals use it to identify energized times to launch new ventures of all kinds. It's not the only factor to consider, but astrology can certainly provide powerful intuitive insights that might be missed using other methods alone."

In addition to finance, the panelists shared their 2013 forecasts for major trends in from politics and culture to weather.

Woodwell noted that a number of significant astrological alignments take place this year in zodiac signs associated with water. "It's likely we may see issues related to water, water rights, oceans or even oil in the news, particularly in the second half of the year," Woodwell said. Beversdorf also forewarned of storms or floods around Halloween, or possibly scandals involving government officials and funds used for storm-related disaster relief.

This year may bring issues related to nuclear power to public awareness, explained Woodwell. "Many of our nuclear power plants in the US are approaching their 40th year in operation and will likely be up for review. Issues involving safety might particularly be up for review in May and November."

Current events, such as the recent shooting in Sandy Hook, are likely to continue to create ripples. "Americans may begin a period of reflection about who we are as a country. We may find ourselves adjusting our belief systems to reflect our current reality," says Beversdorf, author of the book Vedic Secrets to Happiness. "It's also a good year for finding success through hard work, or pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps."

Woodwell concurred. "Since late last year, it's an excellent time for reviewing your habits. I don't think it's a coincidence that books such as The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg are on the best-seller list. After the roller coaster of the past few years, people want to get back to basics and feel like they can control something, even if it is only themselves."

The summer months may also see an increased interest in psychic experiences, dreams and other intuitive arts, said Woodwell. "There's a significant planetary alignment on July 29, 2013, which may be picked up by the new age community," explained Woodwell. "I would not be surprised to see this event go viral and turn into global meditation day."

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Donna Woodwell, MA, owner of Four Moons Astrology, is based in Austin, Texas. She serves on the board of the International Society for Astrological Research and as an instructor at Kepler College. Her blog La Vita Luna: Living Gracefully in a Changing World is featured on

A recording of Donna Woodwell's 2013 forecast is available on her website.

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