New MagVac Magnetic Latching Medium-Voltage Breakers Guaranteed for 30,000 Open-Close Operations with 5-Year Warranty

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The recently-released MagVac line of medium voltage circuit breakers from Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair Inc. pairs vacuum interrupter technology with magnetic latching actuators to remove more than 100 mechanical points of failure from traditional medium-voltage breaker designs, offering guaranteed operation for five years or 30,000 operations.

CBSMagVac Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker

CBSMagVac offers a 5-year warranty on its medium voltage circuit breaker because magnetic latching mechanisms reduce the number of moving parts – and points of failure – by more than 100.

The MagVac has virtually no moving parts. We reduced the points of failure for the break to nearly zero.

Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair and CBSMagVac are proud to introduce the MagVac line of medium-voltage circuit breakers (MVCBs), which combine vacuum interrupter technology with linear magnetic latching actuators to eliminate more than 100 points of failure from traditional vacuum-interrupter-based MVCB designs.

Designed to help solve medium-voltage breaker maintenance issues for utilities, industrial and processing industries, and commercial facilities, MagVac uses three compact monostable magnetic actuators in line with the vacuum interrupters to eliminate traditional spring/crank/lever operating mechanisms. The result is a medium-voltage breaker guaranteed to last five times longer than most common MVCBs on the market.

“The MagVac has virtually no moving parts,” explains Lee Heine, President of Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair and CBSMagVac. “By removing more than 100 moving parts in the latching assembly, we reduced the points of failure for the break to nearly zero and essentially eliminated the need for periodic maintenance. Imagine a 5KV or 15KV breaker with no charging motor, no closing or trip coils and no springs that directly replace your existing medium-voltage breakers with no cell modifications. That’s MagVac, and it is stronger, lighter and more durable than the original air breakers and vacuum retrofits.”

MagVac’s magnetic latching design delivers standard break times of less than three cycles and as low as one cycle for special applications. State-of-the-art compact vacuum interrupters are maintenance free, eliminating the need for removal or adjustment. Each MagVac breaker also comes with six NO contacts, six NC contacts and a visual position indicator.

An ANSI/IEC/BG-tested Indoor Switching Module (ISM) simplifies interlocking through an integrated manual trip lever at the rear of the MVCB that blocks the unit both electrically and mechanically. Optional mechanism operated cell (MOC) switches are available through CBSMagVac’s innovative MOC Actuator Control System (MACS). The MACS is a patented MOC solution designed to reposition the switchgear independent of the MagVac magnetic actuator. MACS eliminates the possibility of breaker stalls and requires no cell modification.

For more information about magnetic latching and the MagVac line of medium voltage circuit breakers, visit, send an email to info(at)cbsmagvac(dot)com or call 281-479-4555.

About CBSMagVac
Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair and CBSMagVac specialize in the sale and service of low- and medium-voltage power distribution equipment, including repair and retrofit of switchgear, transformers, circuit breakers and protective relays, as well as life extension and maintenance services. CBS&R is a privately owned corporation founded in 1996 in Deer Park, TX.

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