Check Your Large Trees After a Storm - Lessons from Boulder, Colorado's Tree Service Experts, Reinholt Tree Care

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Tree inspection after a severe storm is key to keeping trees healthy and yards safe. Here are a few things to consider with caring for trees.

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Nobody wants a falling branch to land on them or their car, that's why a tree should be checked out after a severe storm!

Tree Care After a Severe Storm may call for a Tree Service Expert. It is a common fact that severe storms can cause damage to trees. Immediate indicators are a fallen limb and tree debris laying on the ground. This may be easy enough to pick up and dispose of, but there is more to look for than just the obvious.

If a tree has been exposed to high winds, hail, ice, or snow in a severe storm, a qualified tree care professional should be called out for a tree inspection even if the tree appears to have sustained only minimal damage. To prevent long term damage to the tree itself and minimize the chance of property damage in the future, some preventative maintenance could be necessary due to stresses from storms, especially for large, older trees.

A Boulder tree service company should be called out for examination because the tree may need strategic bracing, cabling or trimming in order to maintain a long healthy life. Neglected trees have a shorter lifespan. Common action items provided by a Boulder tree service after a storm include clean-up, tree trimming, and sometimes tree removal.

A certified arborist can help determine what tree care services are needed after a storm. Their experienced eye can tell if a tree can be saved or if tree removal is needed. If a tree can be saved, the arborist can recommend ways to lessen the impact of a severe storm on the tree for next time. Tree trimming, pruning, bracing, and cabling are common steps to take to prolong a tree’s life by making it more resistant to the stress of a severe storm.

Just like a long, trusting relationship with local professionals like doctors and dentists, it can be beneficial to do the same with a local, professional arborist. Sometimes a less credible tree service company may follow a storm into town for some quick cash and leave town as fast as the storm did. Their actions can be short sighted and not designed to benefit the overall health of the tree. A reputable tree service in town will abide by specific tree care guidelines set out by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and be accountable for the work they do.

TIPS on how to Choose a Qualified Tree Care Company

Ask if their arborist is certified. In every state and town including Boulder, qualified arborists hold an ISA certification.

Ask if the tree care service is licensed. Many states require tree care companies to hold a license. This is a good idea to uphold some level of responsibility.

Ask about professional associations. It is not necessary for a tree care company to be a member of a professional associations, but they can be a good indicator of a quality business.

Ask the tree care company if they are insured. Insurance is important to cover personal and property damage as a job takes place on site.

Ask for references from some customers to get an idea of previous work done. Are they happy or not very satisfied? Did they leave the yard a mess with a gaping hole, or was clean-up done in a timely fashion?

Ask for a written estimate. This is always helpful to know what to expect and most tree care companies will be happy to provide one.

Tree inspection by a tree care company with a certified arborist after a severe storm is recommended. If ‘Joe Shmo’ is used because he shows up on the doorstep after a storm, chances are one may regret it later on. Tree care is not just picking up branches as they fall off the tree, it involves strategic services that are designed to prolong the life of a tree and help it to withstand strong wind and storms. Seek the guidance of a professional tree care service to ensure a tree’s health and vitality.

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