Publishes Directory Of Shooting Ranges Nationwide Efforts Made To Promote Responsible Use Of Firearms was established to provide solid, and accurate firearm information to consumers throughout the nation. For more information about shooting ranges, or the organization, contact Austin Andrukaitis at info(at)shooting(dot)org or go to,

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Orlando,Florida (PRWEB) January 28, 2013

The web site, recently published a directory, compiled of thousands of shooting ranges nationwide, in an effort to promote safe, responsible use of firearms. The directory compiles information on over 10,000 shooting ranges located in each of the 50 states, and includes “need-to-know” information, such as, facility access, ratings and reviews, services at individual ranges, and whether instruction is available for users. According to the web site, the mission of the organization, among other things, is to educate gun users in an effort to keep the shooting sports alive. At a time when gun use and gun control laws are under careful examination, the need for information proves to be timely. Ranges detailed in the organization’s directory include both indoor and outdoor facilities including, rifle ranges, trap shooting, and handgun ranges. United States shooting ranges adhere to a number of safety standards regarding eye and ear protection and lead exposure. Supervised ranges follow safety guidelines regarding set-up and use, based on National Rifle Association, and U.S. Military standards, and also adopt strict policies and procedures of their own.