The Maercks Institute Releases New Video Demonstrating Eradication of Cellulite, Abdominal Contouring, Fat reduction and Skin Tightening Using Noninvasive MMT

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Dr. Rian A. Maercks, the innovator and founder of the exclusive Maercks Institute, released a new video blog today demonstrating amazing noninvasive body contouring results that can be achieved in 6-8 weeks using Maercks Multimodal Therapy on his own body. In the short video, he explains the major differences between surgical interventions and noninvasive interventions as well as the rational behind MMT and the art of noninvasive body contouring.

Incredible results can be achieved noninvasively, but it requires an intelligently planned combination of multiple different modalities. No one technology alone yields tremendous results

Dr. Rian A. Maercks, a celebrated Miami Plastic surgeon, has released yet another update to his video blog that has accumulated a following of approximately 50,000 over venues such as, and This video series was designed to educate the public to the true possibilities of noninvasive body contouring modalities and to raise awareness of Dr. Maercks' own system called Maercks Multimodal Therapy or MMT.

In this newly released installment of the video series, Dr. Maercks shows the results that are possible with his high tech MMT treatment that is customized to the needs of the individual patient. What is particularly compelling about this blog is Dr. Maercks' characteristic candid honesty about the reality of what is possible and what is not. Credibility is further enhanced by the fact that he has altered only one half of his body in the name of demonstrating these changes. The video is shot in one take with Dr. Maercks speaking his mind as he analyzes his own body with consistent lighting positioning and complete viewing of all angles.

The changes that jump out are the viewer are incredibly enhanced muscular definition, a rejuvenated appearance to skin tone and an incredible complete erasure of cellulite on the right side. Even after highlighting these changes, the doctor again explains that this is not the solution for everyone and is not a good weight loss plan used alone. Dr. Maercks recommends that his patients make lifestyle changes and maintain them.

Dr. Maercks has plans of continuing this blog in one month at which time the final results from the treatment on his right side will have settled. After this update, he plans on keeping his viewers updated as he plays "catch up" with his left side. The results in this current video are pretty incredible and Dr. Maercks assures us that after the "catch up" treatments both sides will appear tremendously improved.

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