Online Bed Quilt, Leading Mattress Store, Issues Statement on Ways to Improve Sleep Cited in The Wall Street Journal

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Following an article published by the Wall Street Journal, which details ways to improve your sleep, mattress store Online Bed Quilt urges the public to invest in a better mattress and more comfortable sleep products.

On January 26, Online Bed Quilt issues a statement in response to an article posted on the Wall Street Journal, which outlines ways to sleep better.

According to the Wall Street Journal article, a survey by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found that over 40 percent of American workers have trouble sleeping and sleep less than six hours a night. The recommended amount of sleep time is seven to nine hours.

Not only are Americans sleeping less, the article said a Harvard University study discovered the economy suffered an estimated loss of over $63 billion in productivity due to “chronic exhaustion.” Though in the past many employers have overlooked the severity of sleep problems, companies like Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Procter & Gamble Co and D.E. Shaw & Co are making sleep workshops a priority.

Representative Justin Maas from mattress store Online Bed Quilt said these companies are doing the right thing. “Employers usually think what you do outside of the office is your own business,” Maas said. “However, when a lack of sleep is affecting productivity, it has to be addressed. People don’t really understand how lack of sleep can be harmful to their health and possibly put their job in jeopardy.”

The article said those companies are investing in sleep-hygiene workshops, which demonstrate how people are supposed to be sleeping and tips on how to regulate your environment. Online coaching for insomniacs and special “nap pods” are also ideas to help sleep deprived employees. Some companies even looked into special office lighting that regulates production of melatonin, a sleep hormone.

Spending time in natural light decreases melatonin levels so you don’t get tired during the day, the article said. Many blue lights emitted from cell phones or computer screens can actually make you more tired because it triggers melatonin production.

Maas said, while lighting is a very important factor in determining how well a person sleeps, upgrading sleep products might be more effective. “That mattress you’ve been sleeping on for 15 years has probably seen better days,” Maas said. “You have to make your bedroom almost like a temple and you have to start with your mattress. Your body is lying on a mattress all night, so it’s the most important aspect. If your back or neck isn’t comfortable, you probably won’t be sleeping effectively. Mattresses, usually over 10 years old, probably need to be replaced. If you want the key to better sleep, you should really start with replacing old sleep products.”

Online Bed Quilt is here to make sure you get a great night’s sleep. We are a family-owned bedding and furniture review company dedicated to helping you find the best mattress and sleep accessories. We collect and share product information, reviews, and the best and latest available sleep solutions. Learn about top brand mattresses, specialty products, and sleep accessories straight from Online Bed Quilt!


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