Quorn Foods Inc. Releases a Statement on an Article Regarding the Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Healthy Food Vegetarian

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Following an article about why and how to become a vegetarian, Quorn Foods Inc. releases a statement in response.

On January 25, 2013, Quorn Foods Inc., releases a statement following a Hippy Shopper article by Elisabeth Edvardsen regarding tips on becoming a healthy food vegetarian and providing a beginners guide to vegetarianism.

According to the Hippy Shopper article, “Whether it's due to being appalled of the way animals are treated or because you've realized that a highly carnivorous diet so many of us follow is not sustainable in the long run, going vegetarian can be a fantastic experience - as long as you make sure you get the nutrients you need.”

The article states that in order to receive the full benefits of a vegetarian diet one must be educated on how to replace the nutrients from meat with vegetarian-friendly food sources. According to the article, “When following a vegetarian diet, you need to know how to obtain good protein from your food.”

The article mentions that vitamin B12 intake is also very important. “It is essential to supplement this in order to avoid B12 deficiency, which can take years to occur, but then by the time you are presenting with deficiency signs, the damage may have already been done,” states the article. According to the Hippy Shopper, limiting your intake of processed foods, and incorporating protein and super foods powders, will help you lead a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.

Quorn Foods Inc. understands how important a healthy food based vegetarian diet can be to your health, but also how hard it can be to get all your nutrients. “A vegetarian diet has so many benefits that go along with it, but if a person doesn’t eat properly to get those necessary nutrients, those benefits become overshadowed by health problems,” said Quorn representative David Wilson.

Quorn Foods launched nationally in the US in 2002. Unlike other vegetarian food companies, Quorn foods use mycoprotein: a naturally occurring, healthy form of protein that replicates the taste and texture of meat while being significantly lower in saturated fats and calories. Quorn Foods offer a wide range of products including ready to serve meals, food for your barbecue, breaded meat substitutes, snacks and components to make your own meals from scratch. The wonderful taste of Quorn meatless meals provides the taste of the foods you love without sacrificing nutrition.

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