Pre-Existing Insurance Plans Extending Annual Enrollment Period

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Health Insurance Guaranteed are announcing an extension of the Annual Enrollment Period

Health Insurance Guaranteed

MIAMI, Jan. 24,2013 – Health Insurance Guaranteed, nation's leader for pre existing condition medical insurance, have announced today on extending their Annual Enrollment Period and will be helping their clients find insurance, prescription coverage and excellent catastrophic insurance for their pre-existing medical conditions.
Today, those who are uninsured or underinsured and suffering from a pre-existing condition, can still get health insurance for an affordable price. Gone are the days where those with medical conditions have to suffer without decent coverage to cover their over flowing bills. Thanks to the many federal changes combined with new and exciting health insurance products that have recently entered the market, there is a choice of an affordable, no waiting period health insurance.

A pre-existing condition these days can be anything from a hang nail to a serious disease. Looking one year back, difficult diagnoses such as cancer, heart disease and etc. were rejected for health insurance. Today, diseases such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease and even asthma can just as easily get exempt from health coverage options.

Work Group Policies have left many feeling frustrated and uninsured. The best option is to be hired for a company that offers health insurance without medical underwriting. These work policies are often available for employees as guaranteed issue i.e., they can be issued irrespective of the applicants previous medical history. Unfortunately, because of the recent economic down turn coupled with the health insurance policy changes, these types of jobs are becoming harder and harder to find. Even large firms are trying to devise ways to avoid offering health insurance coverage for its salaried workers. Some have gone so far as to hire only part-time workers to avoid having to offer any benefits at all. While admittance to a work group policy is still by far the best way to get covered for per-existing conditions, it has become almost impossible to get.

While some Americans are finding it hard to get coverage from their employers, the rest of us Americans are debating whether to get coverage at all. Today more and more Americans are choosing self-employment of one form another. Over 75% of these self-employed workers are uninsured or underinsured. This means that the majority of Americans are walking around without any coverage at all. Those that choose this option often protest that it is cheaper to simply pay cash for medical bills than have to pay huge monthly premiums and in the end have to come up with exorbitant deductibles, often $5000 or $10000. This may be the case if the applicant only ends up going to the doctor once or twice or year but in the case of an emergency room visit, surgery or complicated labs and X-rays, these numbers begin to add up quickly. The average emergency room visit cost is about $1000 out-of-pocket, while the average MRI runs around $2000. Once admitted to the hospital, prices sky rocket to $3000 a day. It’s easy to see that just a few days in the hospital will put most Americans into serious debt. This debt can often lead to liens on homes and bad credit. This method, while wildly popular, is not sustainable for most American wallets and can be avoided by considering guaranteed issue medical insurance.

About Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance - Thanks to many of the changes in the health insurance field, affordable health insurance policies are now available from A rated carriers. More and more well-known companies are offering these indemnity plans to meet the needs of those who cannot otherwise be accepted to traditional health insurance coverage. This option is a great middle ground between having to pay everything out-of-pocket and high deductible high premium traditional insurance coverage. The premiums are low enough to afford and in case of an accident or a need for more comprehensive coverage, the Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance provides the coverage. These plans have no deductible so there is no need to dig in pockets until after the coverage applies.

To take advantage of the limited time enrollment period Health Insurance Guaranteed can be Contacted at 800-940-5446. Health Insurance Guaranteed connects their customers with a local insurance agent who walks them through finding the best pre existing condition health insurance plan over the phone.

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