Debt Consolidation Loans Are Speed Bumps For Impending Bankruptcies, Loans.Net’s Lenders Join Hands To Consolidate Debt

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Debt consolidation loans have helped many consumers avoid bankruptcies and reclaim their financial freedom. Thanks to several initiatives launched by top lenders at

People are in debt and stressed out about it

Fortunately, loans for consolidating debt are making a comeback.

Debt consolidation loans are the vogue in 2013. Consumers who were seeking to avert bankruptcy find a safer alternative in the form debt consolidation and many see it as a pathway to “financial sanity” and independence.

Until last year, Greg was neck-deep in credit card loans. In his own words: “The sheer number of creditors and the work involved in handling multiple debts and their associated terms were driving me to the point of insanity. Thankfully, I consolidated all my debts at and within a few months I was down to a very manageable payment plan. I am very grateful to have found debt consolidation loan services at as it saved me from filing for bankruptcy.”

Yonni Rossa, CEO of and a fervent advocate of debt consolidation loans has been a lot in the media lately. He clearly explains the importance of consolidating debts into a manageable plan. In his own words: “Most people never get out of debt simply because they cannot organize their financial commitments. Having far too many lenders is not only onerous, it can cost you more. A single and streamlined debt consolidation loan is by far the best solution for those drowning in unmanageable debts”. “Debt consolidations loans don’t just offer hope, they provide a second chance”, adds Rossa.

Ann, who was also a victim of excessive debts, was pleasantly surprised at the results when all her loans were consolidated into a simple debt consolidation loan plan. Ann talks about her experience with a debt consolidation loan: “I was finally able to have a single payment to make every month. Now that I have my finances in order, bankruptcy is not an option (even remotely) any more. Why would I want to tarnish my credit for another ten years when I can have an affordable debt consolidation loan payment plan? Consolidating all my debts into one simple plan was a breeze -- much easier than what I had thought it would be”.

“Far too many individuals opt for bankruptcy without understanding the implications associated with it. Negotiating debt or consolidating multiple loans into a simple, affordable debt consolidation loan could be done much more easily than what is commonly believed,” explains Rossa, whose company,, has assisted thousands of individuals obtain debt consolidation loans.

Jim, a debt consolidation loans analyst at, speaks about how the process works: “It is fairly straight-forward for consumers, even though it takes us countless hours of work. The customer provides simple information on our website. We match each customer to a qualified lender who specializes in offering debt consolidation loans. The customer obtains free debt consolidation loan quotes from qualified vendors and is on her way to financial empowerment.”

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