Now the Power of Passbook and Mobile Marketing Benefits are Affordable for any Size Business

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By partnering with PassKit, the objective of Mojo Mobile Media is to accelerate and simplify the adoption of Apple Passbook and maintain the position in the United States as the most innovative resource for leading consumer mobile marketing technology

For most marketers a PassKit-enabled Pass (shopping card, coupon, ticket) will be just as effective, and certainly more efficient, than a full-blown mobile app.

Kansas City, Missouri based firm Mojo Mobile Media is very proud to announce the establishment of the strategic alliance with PassKit, Inc. to accelerate the adoption of Passbook deployment across United States.

PassKit provides the simplest, yet elegant, affordable web-based suite of tools for business owners, marketers and developers of all sizes to access the fastest growing media platform in the history of marketing. Through the PassKit simple but powerful online secure and scalable Pass Designer infrastructure, Mojo Mobile Media clients can now create and distribute stunning, innovative, dynamic coupons, tickets and shopping cards that have the power to engage the market like never before. Using modern day innovations such as GPS tracking and geo-fencing and instant metric-specific push messages; PassKit Passes provide a convenient, engaging and fun experience, for customers while delivering powerful insights of mobile behavior for marketers and business owners.

Mojo Mobile Media President, Joe Barnhill said “For me, the mobile media marketing revolution reminds me of the Internet when it finally took off back in the mid-1990s, although point-to-point connections between computers actually began back in the 1960s. Today, with the mobile market now growing exponentially, marketers are looking for any manner possible to tap into this consumer frenzy. Now through our strategic partnership with PassKit, we can further enhance the customer experience; with the use of intelligent dynamic coupons that are discoverable when customers are in store proximity and can be easily updated so they always show the latest offers with variable data customer information.”

The PassKit platform creates a level playing field by bringing this technology within the reach of everyone, no matter his or her degree of technical experience or budget. Now businesses no longer need a dedicated app, a mobile website or expensive SMS messaging to engage their clients on the device that they have with them all the time and use an average of two plus hours per day.

The general public is still a bit unclear about Passbook and the intended use by the customer. However where it is being used by retailers and in other vertical applications, it is resulting in immediate success. Companies such as Starbucks, Target, Major League Baseball, Ticketmaster, Fandango and Lufthansa, are astounded with the response rates. For example Subway, in Hong Kong, saw over 10,000 coupons added to Passbook in just 24 hours after the launch of the campaign, and an immediate, sustained increase in the number of customers spending money at Subway.

By building on their heritage, and providing dedicated on the ground nation-wide support, Mojo Mobile Media plans to accelerate the adoption of Passbook and maintain United States as one of the most innovative consumers of mobile technology.

The Passbook application is Apple’s first move into the red-hot mobile wallet space, and as you’d expect, they have invested significantly to provide the most convenient and engaging user experience within the Passbook native application.

Once a PassKit card/voucher is added to Passbook it enables location based alerts. Unlike a simple static coupon or loyalty card, a PassKit enabled coupon sends out dynamic notifications that can be generated by any marketing manager; no IT experience required.
The PassKit Pass is effectively a mini-app. Likewise, a PassKit loyalty card, coupon or ticket notifies the Pass owner of new deals or nearby offers. Marketers now only need to encourage consumers to download a single Pass, which is then dynamically updated.

Any business without a mobile app can now simply create a mobile loyalty card or “modifiable coupon” via PassKit. There are a range of ways to enable customers to add a Pass to Passbook, including email, via social media and SMS; all of which remove many of the barriers to mobile app discovery and downloads. Date and location based notifications or Pass updates are then delivered directly via the PassKit API. Marketers no longer need to develop a full-blown app as the dynamic Passbook coupon or shopping card enables app-like interaction with the consumer that is fun and informative. Passbook passes may also be deployed to Android devices via the Pass Wallet app.

Companies may also use notification-enabled Passes to test consumer reactions to promotions or even cross promote other brands. The combination of the PassKit world leading technology and the Mojo Mobile Media advertising and mobile marketing heritage now make many trend-setting scenarios possible at a very affordable level.

Barnhill concluded by saying “I’ve been in the advertising business for over 40 years, and the Passbook Media is by far the most powerful, effective and affordable marketing tool that I have seen in my entire career. At this moment, it is still a guarded secret that most companies are just now beginning to realize is a totally new, and very powerful, form of media.”

For most marketers a PassKit-enabled Pass (shopping card, coupon, ticket) will be just as effective, and certainly more efficient, than a full-blown mobile app. That’s what is so potentially radical about this unique partnership and the combination of their collective capabilities. To learn more about the many benefits of Passbook/PassKit integration for your business contact Joe Barnhill at 816.863.0500 or

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