La Peer Announces New Website Dedicated to the Treatment of Bunions

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La Peer Health Systems' new website will serve as a repository for information about bunion anatomy, diagnosis and treatment options.

Bunions can cause a great deal of pain and affect a patient's ability to perform everyday activities.

La Peer Health Systems, an outpatient surgical facility in Beverly Hills, is proud to announce the launch of, a new website devoted to the care and treatment of bunions.

“Bunions can cause a great deal of pain and affect a patient's ability to perform everyday activities,” said Dr. Kamran Jamshidinia, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon in Beverly Hills and the director of La Peer's Bunion Center of Excellence. “Our hope is that the new site will offer invaluable information for people living with bunions.”

According to USA Today, approximately 4.4 million people report suffering from bunions every year. Bulges composed of bone and soft tissue, bunions develop on the inside of the foot and make it hard for patients to walk, exercise or even work without pain. As the bunion rubs against the shoe, the patient may develop corns, calluses and other annoying skin irritations. Over time, bunions can even lead to foot problems such as hammer toe, which is a condition in which an enlarged middle toe joint causes the toe to bend in a downward direction. Patients with hammertoe typically require surgery to correct the problem.

“Treating bunions in their early stages may help you avoid more serious foot injuries in the future,” said Dr. Jamshidinia.

An expert in cosmetic bunion surgery, Dr. Jamshidinia offers a minimally invasive bunionectomy, which involves the removal of the inflamed tissue around the big toe joint with very little downtime. In addition to the obvious medical drawbacks of bunions, the condition can cause an aesthetic issue, making patients unhappy with the appearances of their feet. According to Dr. Jamshidinia, bunionectomy not only reduces foot pain and increases range of motion, but it also helps patients feel more satisfied with the look of their feet and toes. Plus, by using the latest techniques the downtime is nothing like it used to be, and most patient walk right out of surgery with little or no pain!

At, patients can find information about bunionectomy and a number of other topics related to bunion anatomy and the causes of bunions. The site also features a frequently asked questions page, patient testimonials and a selection of before-and-after photos of individuals who have undergone bunion surgery at the Bunion Surgery Center of Excellence.

A fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, Dr. Jamshidinia also treats bunions and a variety podiatry conditions at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery in Beverly Hills. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jamshidinia, feel free to call him at 310.360.9119 or visit the Bunion Center of Excellence online.

La Peer Health Systems is an outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills, founded by doctors and focused on providing excellent patient care alongside the most cutting-edge medical treatments available. With 40 world-renowned physicians in 13 specialties, we offer comprehensive medical treatment that takes patients from consultation to diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and ultimately aftercare. Our 13 medical departments include orthopedics & sports medicine, gastroenterology, head & neck surgery, colorectal & general surgery, podiatry, ophthalmology, pain management, plastics & reconstructive surgery, gynecology, spine surgery, interventional cardiology, bariatric surgery, and anesthesiology. Unlike large hospitals, La Peer's unique structure offers extremely personal care in a safe and controlled environment. More information about La Peer Health Systems can be found at

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