Power4Patriots Responds to Proposed Gun Control Legislation by Recommending 30-Plus Gun Alternatives

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Gun control legislation was introduced to Congress on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013. In response, Power4Patriots offers 30-plus suggestions regarding how people can protect themselves from attackers without using a gun.

For the first time since the massacre at Newtown, Conn., gun legislation was introduced to Congress on Thursday, Jan. 24, according to CBS News and other media outlets.

Power4Patriots, best known for teaching people how to build their own environmentally-friendly sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines so that they can slash their power bills and be safe when power outages occur, is responding to this news story by recommending 30-plus gun alternatives for those who wish to be ready to defend themselves against an attacker, whether outside or inside their homes.

Following are Power4Patriots’ 30-plus gun alternatives:

  •     Stun gun. When close enough, the user can immobilize an attacker long enough to escape the situation.
  •     Pepper spray. Containing a mix of pepper extracts, this agent can temporarily blind an attacker.
  •     Survival knife. A very functional weapon that can stop an attacker almost as quickly as a gun can.
  •     Crossbow or bow and arrow. An old school way to take down an attacker.
  •     Cane. The long end can be used to strike or stab, while the hook can go around a neck or ankle.
  •     Nail file, ballpoint pen or umbrella. Use these objects to stab at an attacker.

In addition, following are a variety of items one can use in self-defense if attacked by a home invader: vase, candleholder, statuette, large ashtray, fireplace poker, dining room chair, kitchen knife, frying pan, rolling pin, scissors, aerosol hairspray or wasp spray, canned goods, thick tumbler, mop or broom handle, shower curtain rod, towel rack, toilet tank lid, fire extinguisher, golf club, baseball bat, a key held between the thumb and index finger, and hammers and other tools.

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