GutterBrush Shares why Bitter Cold Spells Serious Trouble for Many Homeowners

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Ice and snow build-up in gutters can cause damaging ice dams. Simple solutions to prevent ice dams and keep gutters flowing.

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“Poorly functioning gutters also contribute to wet basements, cracked foundations and destruction of landscaping just to name a few."

During these bitter winter months, the cold and snow can cause many problems for homeowners, including damaging ice dams. Ice dams are often caused by poor insulation. Poor insulation leads to the escape of heat from the attic which warms the roof allowing snow to melt. When the snow melts, the water travels down the roof until it reaches the edge and gutter where it freezes and builds up into a block of ice.

Ice dams create several problems for homeowners. Heavy ice build up causes gutters to pull away from fascia boards and heaving shingles damaging the roof. When there is ice expanding and backing up around the roof line, it can melt and cause water damage to interior walls and ceilings of a home. Ice dams also create a safety hazard on the ground because the melting water can refreeze along driveways, walkways and porches, making the surface very slippery and dangerous.

Aside from clearing a roof of snow, GutterBrush proves to be another way to aid in the prevention of home damage that occurs from ice dams. GutterBrush is black in color and even in cold temperatures, when exposed to sunlight the black brush absorbs light which warms the brush and has been reported to promote quicker melting of any ice build up. GutterBrush won’t solve an ice dam problem that is occurring from poor insulation in a roof or attic but it may reduce the amount of ice build up and will prevent your gutters from being loaded with leaves and debris which can freeze into a block and add substantial weight and problems to your gutter system.

“Gutters are an often overlooked component of home maintenance, but when they are not functioning properly and directing water away from your home this can lead to very expensive water damage to the homes interior or exterior,” said Randy Schreiber, CEO of GutterBrush. “Poorly functioning gutters also contribute to wet basements, cracked foundations and destruction of landscaping just to name a few. Homeowners need to keep a close eye on their gutters throughout the winter to make sure there is no ice and snow build up.”

About GutterBrush:

GutterBrush is a family-owned and operated business that began after Bob Schreiber discovered while camping at his cabin, that an old twisted wire brush in a storage area came in handy when performing the tedious task of cleaning out the gutter. As luck would have it, the brush was accidentally left in the gutter where it remained until he visited the cabin again a year later. He realized that while the rest of the gutters were a mess, the area where he left the brush was clean from debris. That is how GutterBrush was born. In 2004 “GutterBrush” was first introduced to the public primarily through a grassroots effort in both Ohio and Rhode Island. GutterBrush is now available to customers across the country. GutterBrush has been recommend by National Home Improvement Experts and Radio Hosts such as Gary Sullivan, The Money Pit, Money Magazine and HGTV! Learn more at

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