Bodyworks is Now Offering a New Specialty Weapons Program: S.T.O.R.M (Special Team Of Role Models)

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Students can now take their training to the next level with traditional weapons training

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Bodyworks, a martial arts school located in Concord, NH, is offering an exciting new specialty weapons program called S.T.O.R.M (Special Team of Role Models). This program offers an in depth experience of weapons use, providing students with a deeper insight into weapons training than in other traditional karate schools. By expanding their education into the staff, nunchucku, sai, katana and kamas, these students learn valuable lessons. Other programs do offer some weapons classes in the area but none that are as diverse as the Bodyworks S.T.O.R.M program. By offering the ability to learn weapon use through Kung Fu & Tai Chi classes, our program has more depth than any other regional karate school. For upper ranks, empty hand forms will also be taught which adds another layer of depth and exposure for students
Many programs can scratch the surface by offering some knowledge of a weapon and potentially some practice, but most stop there. The Bodyworks program supersedes other martial arts schools by offering real applications and the ability to learn the combative nature of weapons, which teaches both valuable skills and responsibility. This gives students the ability to practice and learn real skills which would traditionally be very difficult to obtain.

The S.T.O.R.M program is for more advanced learners and requires that a brown belt is earned before entering the program. The use of weapons should be treated as an extension of one’s body, so it is required that the student first learn to control their own body before they can control a weapon. This graduated learning experience represents Bodyworks’ commitment to quality in their martial arts classes, providing true understanding, as well as safety.

The S.T.O.R.M program and the vast knowledge of martial arts weaponry it provides is excellent for students who want to expand and increase their understanding and training within the martial arts. By offering more advanced programs, Bodyworks seeks to ensure that their karate school does not stop at just the basics for its pupils – they want to provide a complete learning experience up to and through expert techniques.

For more information on the S.T.O.R.M program and Bodyworks Martial Arts School located in Concord, NH, visit their website at or give them a call at (603) 225-5620.

About the company:
Parents have been entrusting their children to the Body Works Martial Arts Center for thirty years and continue to do so today as they help kids increase their focus and self discipline and an appreciation for respect. Their biggest tool in guiding youths through what sometimes are difficult times in their lives is instilling a sense of goal setting, confidence and accomplishment.

The Body Works Martial Arts Center has a staff of over twenty instructors who have become known throughout the great Concord area for their dedication in helping students grow both inside and outside the dojo. Their head instructors, including 7 Master instructors, have years of expertise in teaching martial arts and most of them have children of their own, which help them better understand and relate to the youths that they teach. For more information visit their website at

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