Fort Worth Dental Is Now Reducing Patient Dental Anxiety with Their Sedation Dentistry Practices

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Fort Worth Dental provides anxiety reduction to patients who visit their sedation dentist. More procedures are available to patients when their fear is reduced through the use of sedation.

Fort Worth Dental is a general practice in Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth Dental Now Offers Sedation Dentistry To Patients With Dental Anxiety.

At Fort Worth Dental Dr. Terry M. Zang, Dr. Arthur J. Mund, and Dr. Justin Mund have new methods of providing comfort and relief to their patients through modern sedation dentistry.

Many patients have found that a sedation dentist provides the solutions they are looking for to relieve fear and anxiety about treatment procedures. Some patients avoid treatment because of their fear, which can lead to future complications with their oral health.

At Fort Worth Dental, the sedation dentist will provide one of three different levels of sedation based on the patient's needs. Minimal sedation is designed to relieve anxiety while still leaving patients alert and awake enough to respond to directions the dentist may give. Moderate sedation is also designed to keep the patient conscious, but provides a deeper level of relaxation than the minimal level. Words may be slurred, and the patient is usually only able to respond to a few things. Both of these levels of sedation leave the patient relaxed and calm while the dentist performs the necessary procedures.

Deep sedation may be required if the patient exhibits extreme fear or anxiety for going to the dentist's office for treatment. Whether the fear is based on a traumatic experience in the patient's life, from stories they have heard, or even based on portrayals on television or in movies, their anxiety is real. A sedation dentist will help the patient by providing sedation that allows the patient to practically sleep through the procedure. Although the patient can be awakened easily, they will not be aware of what is happening during the procedure and will generally not remember the procedure.

The different levels of dental sedation may be administered orally, through an IV, or even by using nitrous oxide or laughing gas. In addition, a local anesthetic may be used in certain areas of the mouth that need to be numbed. A patient will be evaluated both for the best method of sedation as well as the level needed to reduce fears and anxiety to a level that can be handled. Many patients find that they are able to receive the treatments they need with a minimum of anxiety if they work with their dentist to receive sedation. More information on the procedures may be found at

Fort Worth Dental is a general practice offering patients personalized dental care for Fort Worth, TX. Dr. Terry M. Zang, Dr. Arthur J. Mund and Dr. Justin Mund are all dedicated to their dental practice, which offers the recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease and periodontal treatment. Focused on preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, they each have unique attributes for the practice. To learn more about Fort Worth Dental and their dental services visit their website at

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