Chiropractic Traffic To Give Away Chiropractic Marketing Tips Online

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Chiropractic Traffic To Give Away Chiropractic Marketing Tips at First, it is giving away key marketing tips so an individual can watch out for the pitfalls ahead and second it will give away over 200 minutes of recorded training which will take any office to new levels with its marketing ideas.

Prados says "Too many companies are trying to feed on the chiropractic industry selling snake oil products, I decided that it was time to make sure the entire industry new the truth."

Chiropractic Marketing has some bold plans to keep it among the top chiropractic marketing firms in 2013.

The first is its plan to give away an ebook that outlines key chiropractic marketing pitfalls to be wary of in the months ahead. Written by Chiropractic Traffic CEO Matt Prados, who not only comes from one of the largest families of chiropractic practitioners in the nation and who has been a practioner himself, his ebook, ”The 11 Most Common Chiropractic Marketing Mistakes” shows the pitfalls to avoid and to make individuals better educated.

Looking at the marketing effort, the office probably has a website that is updated occasionally by a paid consultant. Ask this question, is the Chiropractic Website doing the job that was intended? Is it bringing in repeat business? Is it bringing any new business? Is it highlighting the specialties correctly? If the answers to any of these questions is no, then a call to Chiropractic Marketing should be the next step.

One of the reasons that Chiropractic Marketing will take an individual to the next level is that they are chiropractors themselves. Any steps they recommend or suggestions they make have been tested at their own practice so they know that, for example, their improvements to chiropractic websites work. For example, when they first arrive they look over the current marketing effort and will likely begin by suggesting changes to the chiropractic website that will not only bring in new patients, but will encourage existing patients to continue their visits. The website is constantly evaluated for improvement, as are the phone, email and mail lead contact and follow-up system.

Chiropractic Marketing is right now in the middle of rolling out the It is a chiropractic websites and marketing service aimed at providing members of the chiropractic medical industry with the tools and assistance they will need to take increase their client flow; increase their callback rate, and to increase their reactivation rate (re-activations are those clients who, for one reason or another, have not been in for a visit in some time). Further, their program will show an individual how to maximize the use of the social media by building or rebuilding the profile on such major sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

The chiropractic website will also be reworked so it is optimized for various major search engines. This means that when a patient is searching for a chiropractic office in the area, that the office will be on the first page of the search engine results, not the 19th. Chiropractic Marketing will, as noted, optimize the site profile that that when a patient is looking for the chiropractor, the practice will be on that key first page. It takes time and research to ensure that the correct formatting and words are used for this to occur. If the site meets Google’s click through policy not only will the page be on the first page, but also it may help defray some of the cost of the positioning.

Matt Prados, CEO of Chiropractic Traffic, noted that he is “sick of all the scams that are on the Internet” so using his ebook of tips, an individual can avoid many pitfalls and make the best choices possible for the marketing dollar. Chiropractic Marketing will take an individual through the entire marketing process so that when complete, there will be:

  •     An optimized website
  •     Better call volume and increased visits
  •     More satisfied customers
  •     Optimized and updated blog spots
  •     A better handle on social media

ABOUT Chiropractic Traffic
Chiropractic Traffic is the top firm devoted to the specialty field of chiropractic medicine. In business for some time, not only is its key officers have also been practicing chiropractors. Its CEO, Matt Prados, is a member of one of the largest chiropractic families in the nation. For further information, contact Chiropractic Traffic at 714-486-1854.

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