Kwan Yin Healing and The Big Dream Program Team up to Jump Start 2013

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Reconnective healing practitioner Tim Emerson and life coach Alex Baisley offer the reconnection from hopes of dreams, healing, and a fulfilling, purposeful life path to the practical reality in 2013. Any of Kwan Yin’s services—reconnective healing, distance healing, The Reconnection, or discounted monthly “maintenance” healings are offered with “The Best of the Big Dream Program 2012” as a bonus.

Reconnective Healing Practitioner announces "Healers' Voices" to explore the reconnection of healing modalities to help healers healing healers -

Tim Emerson explaining Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection in a video shot from his home at Kwan Yin Healing.

I wanted to design a support system, both to help clients through the transition and to help them make the most of the shift and the experience, to really put it to work in their lives.

Tim Emerson, of Kwan Yin Healing, is not the typical energy healer one imagines from the New Age stereotype. “I practice Reconnective healing because clients feel immediate results, not vague, general, subtle sensations,” explains Emerson. “This work is about practical results, just as much as in my consulting practice,” he adds. “Are you where you want to be, or just traveling a journey prescribed for you by circumstance? It doesn’t have to be that way—and it shouldn’t be that way.”

Alex Baisley, of the Big Dream Program, agrees. “I had these realizations, the ‘Juicy Realizations’ I call them. What if our big dreams were part of what we could do right now, not someday? Who are the people we want in our lives? Where do we want to be, physically, each day? What lifestyle appeals to us, right now? What activities renew us? And why shouldn’t we be doing all these as part of our work?” Howard Jacobson, author of “Google AdWords for Dummies,” sums it up: "Alex's Big Dream Program is so simple, so welcoming, and so powerful, you'll find your whole way of thinking turned inside out as you connect the dots between your joy, your skill, and your livelihood."

“I was putting together a program to complement ‘The Reconnection,’” Emerson explains. “People going through that process often experience rapid change, and that poses its own challenges. I wanted to design a support system, both to help clients through the transition and to help them make the most of the shift and the experience, to really put it to work in their lives.” While considering what this would look like, he came across Baisley’s latest offering: “The Best of the Big Dream Program 2012.”

“It was perfect,” notes Emerson. “It’s a beautiful package for getting a life back on track.” It includes a Video eCourse "What the &^% am I doing with my life?,” a “Jump Start eCourse” on finding one’s direction and getting on it, a webinar by Beth Martins on "Finding your Voice," another by Jamie Almond on "Thrival vs. Survival," Baisley’s 30-day "The Inner Roadtrip" meditation class, a 4 module "Time Enlightener eKit," and a recording of 2012’s “New Years Revolution Teleclass.” “It’s a wonderful complement to my work while I put together my own program. I even put together a short video to share my enthusiasm for this.” Details can be found at Kwan Yin Healing.

Along with the look back at 2012, Emerson is looking ahead to 2013. “The point of the new program is not only to get through the two months after The Reconnection, but also to give participants a map for repeating this process, this new way of seeing and being, to help as life continues to drill down deeper, like peeling layer after layer of an onion, continually getting to the core of self. It's a good, thorough, honest look at where we are, where we'd like to be, who we really are inside, and how this applies to our daily lives and affairs,” explains Emerson. “Raising our vibration through employing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies in turn, much of the material from my forthcoming ‘Getting Unstuck: Heal your Life’ book, Joseph Campbell’s archetypal journey from the comfortable but flawed world to our true inner selves and back again, and how to heal from what’s seemingly unmanageable to building a practical, effective spiritual program based on what each person truly believes and understands, all in a group program, an 8 week teleseminar with a private Facebook page—that’s the plan,” he adds. The program will include private and group healing sessions. As Emerson puts it, “I want people bathed in these frequencies throughout this journey.”

The partnership with Baisley is only one of Emerson’s joint ventures with other healers and coaches. January also saw the beginning of his “Healers’ Voices” series, a weekly presentation and interaction on his site’s “Healing for Healers” discussion forum. “Awareness Coach” Myriam Haar and massage/qigong therapist Erik Carlson have already been featured; their contributions can be found on the discussion forum. Starting Jan. 28, astrologer Marina Ormes will be featured in discussions about using astrology for personal evolution. Still to come are Carla Forsyth, who helps people rediscover their ability to self-heal and find mastery and ascension, Carol Ann Barrows, a vocalist and chi gong practitioner, James Burkhart, a body worker incorporating Taoist and chakra meditation techniques, Lauren Worsh, who will share her thoughts on "Sacred Nourishment: Loving Yourself, Trusting Your Body, and Healing Your Relationship with Food,” and Shweta Parmar, an Ayurvedic Practitioner focusing on harmonizing and balancing in relation to the Divine Mother.

Emerson will continue the weekly presentations in mid-March with a series of free teleseminars presenting his new 2013 program, to be offered formally beginning in May.

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