Rollbase Reports 80 Percent Year over Year Subscription Growth in 2012

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Subscription Growth Performance Demonstrates Application Platform as a Service Momentum and Customer Satisfaction

Over 10,000 users are now using hundreds of custom Rollbase applications in 10 languages globally.

Rollbase, Inc., an innovator in cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) technology allowing the rapid design, development and deployment of on-demand business applications, today announced record recurring revenue growth in 2012. The year was highlighted by 80% year over year growth in subscription revenue from new customers and existing customer expansions. Over 10,000 users are now using hundreds of custom Rollbase applications in 10 languages globally.

In addition to operating Rollbase as a pure cloud service (Rollbase Hosted Cloud), the company's focus on providing an easily installable, brandable, licensed option (Rollbase Private Cloud) has helped it capture demand from enterprises, governments, and other types of organizations that want to maintain full control over their data and infrastructure whether it resides in-house, in a third party data center, or in any cloud infrastructure of their choosing.

Rollbase Philippines, the premier provider of Rollbase development services with over 20 full time Rollbase developers on staff, continued to deliver results in 2012. Interest in Rollbase as a cloud application platform coupled with the need for professional Rollbase development and implementation services continues to rise and Rollbase Philippines has proven successful for a growing number of Rollbase customers.

"We are pleased to report 80% year over year growth in income from recurring subscription revenue. After investing five years in product development to meet the needs of our initial customer base, a diverse and global set of enterprises and ISVs operating in a range of industries, we are finally starting to see a payoff in subscription growth," said Matt Robinson, co-founder and CEO of Rollbase. "We delivered over 200 new features and enhancements in 2012 and our client satisfaction and retention have been remarkable. Looking ahead to 2013, we foresee solid growth and new business opportunities for both Rollbase and our partners as our new user interface is rolled out and we begin to invest in building awareness."

2012 Year in Review:
Reflecting more broadly on 2012, Rollbase achieved several product milestones. Rollbase stands out by delivering rapid innovation in the application platform as a service (APaaS) market, focused on providing a declarative web-based application development environment accessible to business users that minimizes the amount of code necessary to build cloud business applications. Rollbase performs frequent updates, including bi-weekly enhancements as well as major releases, so all new functionality automatically becomes available to every organization on the system. Throughout the year, Rollbase delivered more than 200 new features and enhancements, many in response to ideas submitted and prioritized by Rollbase's clients and partners.

Product highlights in 2012 included:

  • New HTML5-based iPhone and Android friendly mobile user interface.
  • New authentication options for integration with Active Directory and LDAP servers.
  • Single-Sign On capability and API allowing development of custom authentication functionality.
  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure user identity via challenge questions.
  • New API allowing customizable password validation algorithms.
  • Custom CSS: Custom stylesheets can be uploaded to customize the look and feel of Rollbase applications.
  • 10th language supported: Norwegian was added to English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Application Update Process Improvements: Users performing an application upgrade now have fine-grained control over what application components get added, updated or deleted with the published version.
  • Partially locked applications: Ability to specify whether an application is "Unlocked", "Partially Locked" or "Fully Locked". Partially locked applications allow locking of specific Objects, Menus and Portals but leave others unlocked for customers to modify.
  • Tenant-specific control over the "Push Updates" process: Centrally managed application updates can be pushed to specific sets of tenants rather than all tenants that have previous versions of that app.
  • Application Version History and Rollback: Every time an application is published a copy of the previous application definition is stored which can be exported or used for rollback purposes.
  • New APIs to programmatically install and update applications.
  • The Rollbase Custom Development Toolkit: Documentation and examples of creating custom Java-based triggers, custom authentication modules and custom JSPs.
  • Automated Code Generator for Integrations: Template-based code generator allowing automatic tenant-specific code generation for programmatically working with Rollbase APIs in any language.
  • PDF Forms as Document Templates: A mapping can be defined between fields in a PDF form and any of a Rollbase Object's fields allowing automation PDF form generation.
  • Support for Azure Blob Storage.
  • New Field Type: Expression fields are an alternative to Formula fields for which the computed result is stored and therefore can be used for sorting, totaling and filtering in Views and Reports.
  • New Field Type: Reference fields are similar to Lookup fields but allow selection of one or more records from a number of different object definitions.
  • External Objects: Rollbase Private Cloud can integrate directly with external database tables and treat them as Object definitions.

In 2012, Rollbase also furthered its strategy of partnering with development and hosting partners to offer Rollbase development services and managed cloud hosting services to its customers. More than 20 organizations became partners to offer Rollbase application development and managed hosting services to new and existing Rollbase customers.

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About Rollbase
Rollbase is a cloud platform that allows rapid creation of software as a service (SaaS) business applications using point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard browser with a minimal amount of code. Rollbase delivers on the promise of rapid application development, making app creation much faster than traditional software development methods. As a state of the art Platform as a Service (PaaS), Rollbase enables businesses to focus on application innovation rather than the software and hardware infrastructure behind it. Rollbase is offered as both a hosted service (Rollbase Hosted Cloud) and as a licensed platform (Rollbase Private Cloud). Rollbase is designed for Enterprises as well as independent software vendors (ISVs) with a complete system for tenant and subscriber management, provisioning, application development, publishing and deployment. Rollbase provides ISVs and resellers with a robust white label program making it easy to deploy applications under any brand or identity. Founded in August 2007 Rollbase is privately held and profitable.

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