Crime Prevention Products Gives UK Retailers Top Ways to Prevent Theft

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With a massive spike in retail crime and associated costs reported over the past year, security measures are a must.

Crime Prevention Products

Crime Prevention Products

To keep both staff and stocks secure, we strongly advise retailers to invest in both CCTV and personal safety alarms – these go a long way in keeping criminals at bay

A new survey by The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has revealed that retail crime is significantly on the rise - nearly one in 20 shops suffered a robbery last year, which has caused the overall cost of retail crime in the UK to spike by 15.6% to a massive £1.6billion.

Bearing this in mind, leading security provider Crime Prevention Products (CPP) has announced two of the most effective yet affordable ways for retailers to protect their employees and stock.

Last year alone, 28,700 retail workers reported suffering physical attacks, threats or verbal abuse. To prevent such incidents and make retail employees feel safer in the workplace, CPP advises they arm themselves with personal alarms.

These come in convenient sizes to be easily slipped in a pocket – they produce an ear-piercing sound as loud as 130 decibels or more to effectively shock and disorientate a would-be attacker, so that the employee has the opportunity to move to safety and contact the police.

There are two main types of personal alarms – battery and gas. Battery operated devices tend to last longer over time before the battery needs replacing and they also tend to be slightly smaller than their gas counterparts which makes them ideal as key rings or fobs. Gas alarms are generally cylindrical and typically about 10cm in height. They are the easiest to use since they’re generally activated by a button that can be pressed against any part of the body, in contrast to a battery operated model which usually requires pulling out a pin out with a chain or cord.

Both types of personal alarm are effective deterrents and similar in price – they tend to range from only £5 - £11. With a slightly higher spend, additional features can be had on the device, such as torches or strobe lighting to further confuse a criminal, a repelling odour spray or an ultraviolet tracer that leaves no mark unless viewed by a police UV scanner.

CPP advise that with their extreme affordability, every store manager should supply employees with personal alarms so they can feel protected and also to easily alert shop security that a criminal is attempting theft.

In addition to this safety measure, CCTV cameras are extremely effective at deterring offenders. Store owners can either choose the genuine article, which these days is easy to install as many models are Wi-Fi enabled, or a dummy camera that nevertheless looks like the real thing because they are housed in the same type of casing along with a LED light which makes them look operational. This security measure, along with signs clearly displayed which notify people that CCTV is in operation, is often enough to make a would-be criminal search elsewhere for an easier target where there is less risk of getting caught.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: “Retail crime is unfortunately on the rise, and it is getting more professionally organised. To keep both staff and stocks secure, we strongly advise retailers to invest in both CCTV and personal safety alarms – these go a long way in keeping criminals at bay.”

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