Weight Lifting Routines with Static Contraction Training on the New 1 Rep Gym from Wellness Revolution International

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Wellness Revolution International, based in Oklahoma City, OK has just introduced the all new redesigned asymmetric 1 Rep Gym™. The new improved asymmetric design allows for Static Contraction Training in a more compact design that's even easier to store, the ability to do seated bench press, and faster weight lifting routines because changes to the setup of the machine between exercises is very quick, especially in going from vertical orientation to horizontal orientation (the position for leg exercises).

1 Rep Gym
The new design is superior because one can now perform a seated bench press, which is very important for those with any sort of of back injury. It's easier to use than before, and that's saying something.

Easily the most sturdy static contraction training machine ever designed for weight lifting routines and made in the USA, the 1 Rep Gym™ is capable of 4000 lbs. of resistance, enough for even the most elite athletes.

Static Contraction Training is a form isometric training that has been around since the 1920's when Charles Atlas was awarded "THE WORLD´S MOST PERFECTLY DEVELOPED MAN" and began selling his 'Dynamic-Tension' course in the back of children's comic books. Although many of the exercises taught by Charles Atlas are isotonic (with movement) included were some isometric exercises (where the muscle doesn't move and instead presses against an immovable object).

Static Contraction Training is performed with free weights on a power rack or similar machine that allows the muscle to be in its maximum strength position, utilizing partial range of motion exercises to develop strength and muscularity. The downside to this methodology is uncertainty in knowing how much weight to put on the bar before beginning - too little weight and hypertrophy doesn't occur in 1 repetition as intended, while too much weight results in muscle fatigue preventing the muscle from performing at its maximum.

The 1 Rep Gym™ incorporates a digital meter that can measure the exact force exerted in any given exercise in 1 pound increments. This eliminates the need for weights, solves the problem of not knowing how much weight to use, and the exact force exerted is measured precisely, so one knows with precision how much 'weight' was 'lifted'.

Combined with Shawn Bennett's Measured Intensity Training exercise methodology for isometric workouts, gains in strength and muscle mass using the 1 Rep Gym™ are possible in less than 1 minute per day of exercise. If you want to know how to build a muscle fast, Shawn is the pioneer in the development of strength training methodologies using static contraction training machines, having advocated for the industry since the original Explosive Fitness static contraction training machine was released.

Regarding the new asymmetric design of the 1 Rep Gym™, Shawn says, "The 1 Rep Gym™ was already the best designed machine on the market - in fact the only machine on the market that I'm aware of. The new design is superior because one can now perform a seated bench press, which is very important for those with any sort of back injury. It's easier to use than before, and that's saying something. There are more positions that are possible with this new design, and switching between exercises is a snap."

Each machine is made by hand in the USA of only the finest materials available. Some would argue the $3500 price tag is steep, but for a lifetime of fitness and the most technologically advanced machine available for strength training, many feel the investment is more than worthwhile.

He confesses, "We realize a machine like this isn't affordable for a lot of people, which is why I give instructions in my MITxTreme Program for doing these exercises with traditional equipment so one can continue to make strength gains no matter what equipment one has access to."

The 1 Rep Gym™ can be configured for a professional gym or fitness studio and chiropractors have found their patients needing rehabilitation are able to benefit greatly from exercises on the 1 Rep Gym™.

More information can be found on the http://1repgym.com website and at http://mitxtreme.com.

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