Online Bed Quilt Comments on Screening NFL Players for Sleep Apnea Reported by San Francisco Gate

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Following an article published by the San Francisco Gate, which describes how the Pro Player Health Alliance is going to be screening NFL players for sleep apnea, Online Bed Quilt said affirmed the importance of screening for sleep disorders, but suggested athletes find the best mattress for their bodies to improve their sleep habits.

On January 29, Online Bed Quilt comments on an article published by the San Francisco Gate, which describes the Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA)’s decision to screen National Football League (NFL) players for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

According to the article published by San Francisco Gate, the PPHA announced it would continue to screen NFL players for sleep apnea, a severe sleeping disorder that has claimed the lives of football players like Reggie White.

Representative Justin Maas from mattress store Online Bed Quilt said sleep apnea is one of the more serious types of sleeping disorders. “Sleep apnea can actually block air passageways and cause someone to stop breathing in the middle of the night,” Maas said. “It’s a very serious illness, which has been linked to obesity. Screening players, especially those hefty linebackers might be really beneficial to their health.”

The article said sleep apnea is believed to be a common disorder among pro football players and the PPHA will continue screening during the Super Bowl. The PPHA is collaborating with New Orleans dentist Dr. Jim Moreau, who has 12 years of experience with disorders caused by facial muscles and jaw occlusion.

In 2009, the article said Moreau helped 25 New Orleans Saints players make specialized performance mouth guards. The New Orleans Saints also won the Super Bowl that year. Through his experience, Moreau found that jaw position can often affect breathing and how well airways can open. The discovery led to his focus how dentistry can help prevent and treat sleep apnea or other sleep breathing disorders.

“While treating sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure can prove to be very effective, your mattress also plays a big part in how well you sleep,” Maas said. “These NFL players might also benefit from finding the best mattress for their body. They need to buy sleep products that best support their body type, weight, and pressure points. That way they might get a better night’s sleep.”

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