New eBook Sheds Light on How Green Industry Contractors Inadvertently Harm Their Businesses

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HindSite Software’s David Crary releases 33 Stupid Things Contractors Do to help green industry contractors improve their businesses.

33 Stupid Things Contractors Do

33 Stupid Things Contractors Do is a free eBook available at

“I was a contractor, and I understand how difficult it can be to manage a small business, especially when you begin to grow.

Green Industry contractors are great people. At their core, they are hardworking, passionate and fearless. It’s why, during the busy season, they put in long hours, with owners often working late nights and all weekend. In short, they spend vast amounts of time beautifying the world because they’re good at it.

Unfortunately, they spend so much time working in their business, that they often do some stupid things that may harm their business.

In his latest eBook, David Crary, president and founder of field service software company HindSite Software, examines some of the stupid things that contractors do to kill their business. Crary not only discusses some things he did as an irrigation business owner for 22 years, but also some examples from conversations with landscape management contractors who use HindSite’s lawn care software.

“Green Industry contractors are great people,” explains Crary. “They are among the hardest working, most dedicated people you’ll meet. But many of them started their business because they were hard working and dedicated, not because they necessarily have run or know how to run a business. Because of their tenacity their businesses grows. And then they struggle to build processes and systems that make that growth manageable.”

Take an irrigation contractor who has a customer call for service. Because of the paper processes many contractors use, the person answering the phone can’t always immediately schedule an appointment. How does that look to customers who are used to instant gratification when dealing with other service businesses? Adding something as simple as dispatch scheduling software to their business can have a significant impact.

Another common problem for overburdened contractors: It takes them weeks – or even months – to send an invoice to their customers. It significantly impacts their cash flow and often, because of the delay, introduces inaccuracies because the worker in the field may not remember what work was done or may forget about some of the parts used. Again, Quickbooks scheduling software can help, enabling contractors to bill in hours, not weeks.

“I was a contractor, “explains Crary. “I understand how difficult it can be to manage a small business, especially when you begin to grow. I quickly understood the power of building repeatable processes so t I could do more in less time – and more accurately. It’s one of the reasons I development the HindSIte Solution – to help my business grow without becoming overwhelmed. In this eBook, I want to show other contractors what they’re doing and why it’s hurting their business.”

Not all Crary’s suggestions involve installing software to streamline process. Even something as simple as branding trucks can significantly impact a business. Some estimates have shown that the advertising value of a truck is $15,000 per month. Branding trucks – and maximizing that branding with proper logo placement, an alpha number and color – can significantly help businesses build awareness..

33 Stupid Things Contractors Do is free and can be downloaded from the HindSite website at Crary’s other eBooks include 6 Rules for an Awesome Service Department, 6 Requirements for a Website that Sells, 10 Tips to Improve Your Business in the Offseason and 6 Simple Things Your Field Techs Can Do to Grow Your Business.

About HindSite Software
HindSite Software has helped contractors better manage and grow their business by eliminating paper processes with field service management software since 2001. Designed by an irrigation contractor, HindSite assists service businesses with scheduling and billing, contact management, field data collection (e.g. mobile field service software), and invoicing in QuickBooks®, Sage Peachtree®, and Simply Accounting®. This paperless field service management software has been proven to increase efficiency and organization, meaning greater profit potential with less administrative time.

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