Arlington Pet Hospital I-20 Animal Medical Center Announces Breakthrough in Veterinary Dentistry

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Promising less pain and quicker results, the use of Ribbond for the repair of jaw fractures is a breakthrough achievement in the world of veterinary dentistry as well as acclaimed Arlington Pet Hospital, I-20 Animal Medical Center.

Veterinary Dentistry has come a long way from being a novelty to a necessity when it comes to the overall health of a pet. In both purpose and practice, the I-20 Animal Medical Center has always implemented new and robust medical procedures to better serve pets within the Texas area. Offering around the clock treatment the I-20AMC has established itself as more than an Arlington pet hospital entrusted with providing the top standards, but rather a place offering a new breed of animal care. In this case, jaw fractures, once considered to be a difficult and tedious task involving the use of wires, pins, and even orthopedic screws, are no longer a nightmare thanks to new techniques veterinary dentistry.

With a new and advanced material known as Ribbond, having since been used in human dentistry to create temporary bridges in between missing teeth, jaw fracture repairs can be conducted with the strength and durability of metal plates holding the teeth and jaws of pets in place without having anything to screw into the bone. Once bonded, the fractured area of your pet’s jaw is held in alignment apart from their teeth. After the procedure, the dog or cat can eat solid food and even recover within a period of 5-to-6 weeks. Not to mention that the lightweight nature of the material provides a considerable level comfort compared to the material previously used in past procedures. I-20’s own Dr. Bonnie Bloom explains, “Dr. Ken Karger and I have worked over a year in developing this revolutionary technique. I think it will be the new gold standard for most types of jaw fractures.”

Dr. Bloom herself is one of the few veterinarians trained specifically in Veterinary dentistry, having completed a 3-year residency program after receiving her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Auburn in 1999, she serves as a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry as well as an Adjunct Professor at Baylor Dental College in Dallas in a field where most veterinarians are trained in rudimentary dentistry. Alongside Dr. Ken Karger, a recipient of over 6 International Awards from the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The new techniques for jaw fracture repair offer the following advantages:

  •     Less-Invasive with no use of pins, wires or orthopedic plating. Less pain for your pet.
  •     Less risk of post-operative infection.
  •     Rapid removal of splint as opposed to the surgical removal of pins and plates.
  •     Less costs using Ribbond rather than plates.
  •     Reduced risk of damaging tissue, bones and tooth roots near the affected area.
  •     Better jaw-lining for a better “bite”.
  •     Improved comfort for your pet.

Less pain and quicker results, the use of Ribbond for the repair of jaw fractures is breakthrough achievement in the world of veterinarian dentistry. For the I-20 Animal Medical Center—who have treated dozens of cases of jaw fractures within their Arlington pet hospital—this news has brought better results and better comfort for the vets, for the owners, and most importantly, for the pets.

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