New Technology Solution to Global Water Shortage Converts Pure Water from Air

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Water will become the new oil, and unlike oil, life without water is not possible. G and E Partners brings to the marketplace this patented technology that makes pure water from the air - why buy bottled water when you can make it? No more bottles, jugs, water storage areas or invoices!

Air to Water Generator

Why buy bottled water with contaminants when you can make pure water from air?

Water, following air, is the second most important resource required for human survival. One of the biggest challenges facing the world is often completely overlooked, the Global Water Crisis.
Clean water is one of the most basic necessities for life, yet almost 900 million people do not have access to it.

The newly patented and ETL approved technology of the is meeting that challenge by making Net Zero Water a readily accessible resource that will assure the survival of future generations. This technology “makes” the purest drinking water wherever and whenever it is needed. This AWG technology makes water that is free of metal and chemicals, without the reliance for a ground/tap water supply. G and E Partners, LLC is revolutionizing the way nations will deal with drought, disaster response, and global water shortages in the future.

“After looking for a solution to the problem of the Global Water Shortage for the last five years, I’m very glad to say that we now have the technology not to just purify water, but to actually make water. This technology will allow us to make water out of air without touching the local water table.” said Diana Potts, spokesperson for G and E Partners, LLC.

An example of this new air to water technology is the AquaBoy. The AquaBoy is capable of generating 3 gallons of water a day while the WaterPro series will make 100 to 4000 gallons per day with four distinctive functions:
1.    It generates water from the air
2.    It cleans and purifies the air
3.    It dehumidifies the air
4.    It purifies water to the highest standards

This solution comes at a critical crossroads of climate change. Climate change forecasts indicate the potential of dangerous multiplier effects as droughts become more severe, rainfall becomes concentrated in fewer, more intense events, and higher temperatures increase water demand over a broad spectrum of industry, agriculture, and municipal uses.

Potts has witnessed the potential for these threats first hand in her role as an advisor, with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, during the Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita cleanup operations.

“I wish this technology had been available during the last few disasters I’ve assisted” Potts said. “The ability to have access to drinking water, and pure water for sanitation was one of our biggest anxieties.”

Water issues are surfacing with such frequency that the concerns of water professionals are becoming widely shared by businesses, government policy makers, and the general public. According to U.S. Department of Energy projections, the demand for energy and water resources worldwide is projected to grow at an alarming pace in 20 years, with demand for energy doubling and water tripling.

A key concern for the Department of Defense is the vulnerability of military installations to critical resource issues. The DOD recognizes the emergence of water scarcity as an issue of concern and includes water efficiency statements and goals in sustainability directives. The AWG products are available on GSA schedule #GS07F0417Y.

To learn more about how G and E Partners and how its air-to-water technology is reforming the availability of clean water, visit

About Diana Potts
With more than 20 years of experience, Potts founded an environmental consulting company, G and E Advisor, in 2007 and has gained a reputation as one of the foremost experts on water and energy issues especially concerning remediation and disaster response clean up. Potts was also one of twenty top environmental leaders chosen to join a Green Sustainability panel at the US Pentagon and has received two Congressional Medals for her environmental efforts as well as a National Leadership Award.

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