New Canless Air Dusting Product Offers Safe Alternative to Source of Dangerous Huffing

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So-called Canned "Air" dusters are a source of a growing epidemic called Huffing. Canned "air" products actually contain a dangerous mix of gasses and according to the Alliance for Consumer Education, 2.6 million children use inhalants to get high every year.

The True Danger of Canned "Air"

Canned air is different from the air we breathe. The products are made of a gas that is compressed into a liquid and canned. The types of gases used vary, and some are dangerous when used improperly.-National Safety Council

The National Safety Council reports that, "Canned air is commonly used in offices to clean dust from equipment such as computers and shredders." The Councils adds "The products are made of a gas that is compressed into a liquid and canned. The types of gases used vary, and some are dangerous when used improperly."

John Scherer is CEO and Founder of the 02 Hurricane Canless Air Cleaning System, a new alternative to canned "air" products that uses pure air instead of dangerous gasses and liquids.

"Canned 'air' is actually a documented and dangerous mix of gasses and chemicals," says Scherer.

The National Safey Council lists these more common dangers:

-Flammable Ingredients
-Asphyxiation and toxicity

"What's of growing concern to parents is something called Huffing." says Scherer. "The Alliance for Consumer Education reports that more than 2.6 million children from ages 12-17 use inhalants each year to get high." He says "A major source of Huffing is canned 'air' dusters which are available on store shelves at major chains and sitting on shelves in the home. It's simply too easy for kids to get a hold of."

Scherer designed the 02 Hurricane to use just pure air. Through an impeller system, it draws air from the room, then blasts it out at what he describes as "Hurricane force." The 02 Hurricane is also rechargeable like a smart phone. It can be used over 500 times and is equal to 1000 units of canned "air."

The Environmental Protection Agency classifies used canned "air" as hazardous waste. Scherer says, "Even when people think these cans are empty, they're still full of residual gasses and liquids. It's remains very dangerous, toxic and even explosive."

Scherer urges consumers to read the warnings on the labels of canned "air" products. "It's both amazing, and scary" he says. "It's a very long list of warnings and health dangers. By contrast, our product doesn't have a warning label because it doesn't need one. The 02 Hurricane uses just the air we breathe. Because you don't have to throw it away, there are no adverse effects on either people or the environment. It's safe for the workplace and home."

Scherer sums it up saying "If we can eliminate the source of Huffing, we can start to end Huffing."

The 02 Hurricane is assembled in the USA at its plant in Tucson, AZ. You can read numerous reviews by journalists and tech reviewers plus follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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