Clairvoyant Cat Picks Loser of Super Bowl

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"Mr. Nuts" makes selections by deciding which Five Pet Place litter box to use.

Apparently Mr. Nuts prefers small black birds over 19th century gold miners.

"The first pick was supposed to determine a winner -- but while scooping his box I got to thinking 'you know there's a pretty obvious message here' and wound up going in the opposite direction."

Michael Ostrofsky
Five Pet Place

Five Pet Place, a producer of designer cat furniture, today announces Mr. Nuts, a cat with a track record of accurately predicting the outcome of future events, has projected the San Francisco 49ers to lose Super Bowl XLVII. He made his choice by selecting between two identically prepared litter boxes.


A large black and white tuxedo cat, Mr. Nuts made his first Super Bowl prediction two years ago by correctly picking the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose to the Green Bay Packers by choosing a cat box designated to represent that particular team. He followed it up last year by correctly picking the favored New England Patriots to lose to the New York Giants and Mitt Romney's loss to Barack Obama in the presidential election. A prediction for the gender of Prince William and Kate's baby is pending.


"The thing about Mr. Nuts is he doesn't let anything influence him," said Five Pet Place founder Michael Ostrofsky. "He picked the Steelers to lose while living in a house full of Steelers fans. He picked the Patriots to lose even though the odds makers favored them to win. He waited to pick Romney until there was a cocktail party with numerous Republicans over. Now he's going against the grain by not only picking the favored 49ers to lose -- he's doing it despite living in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area. Want a pat on the back? Call a friend. Want the truth? Ask Mr. Nuts because he'll tell it like it is whether you can handle it or not."


Football and election experts usually focus on choosing winners. Not when it comes to Mr. Nuts. "The first Super Bowl pick was supposed to determine a winner -- but while scooping his box I got to thinking 'you know there's a pretty obvious message here' and wound up going in the opposite direction," said Ostrofsky. "Now he has a Wikipedia page and gets requests for interviews from here to Canada. People were even using Mr. Nuts hashtags on Twitter during the election."


"When making picks, we try to get into the spirit of what he's trying to determine," said Ostrofsky. "For the election, we had Romney on the right and Obama on the left for obvious reasons. For this pick, we flipped a coin and had someone in Baltimore call the toss because the Ravens are the Super Bowl's visiting team. She got that right -- then elected to choose the "east" box as it's closer to Baltimore.

As for the llitter boxes themselves, the Ravens' was finished in solid Pure White as that's the color of their road uniforms. The 49ers'? It featured our Regal Tan accent paint as it's similar to their team colors. In a way, Roger Goodell would be impressed because we followed NFL protocols whenever possible."


Just like any athlete, Mr. Nuts ate a special high protein diet and trained hard before game day. "Since Baltimore is known for crab cakes and San Francisco for fresh crab at Fisherman's Wharf, we went and got some for his cat feeder. Of course, he had to wash it down by drinking water out of the kitchen faucet," said Ostrofsky. "Then we put some catnip on one of his cat scratchers to get him to work out a bit. He got so fired up he actually fell off it. He even attacked these miniature toy footballs with Ravens and 49ers logos we bought for him. All I can say is when that cat was ready to go -- he was ready to go."


"I for one am glad not to be making that pick," said Ostrofsky. "These teams are so evenly matched choosing a winner's a real crapshoot -- pun intended. But when it comes to crapshoots Mr. Nuts is the best in the business.

I"ll be honest, though, I really wished he picked the Ravens. My neighbors, the guys at the golf course, everybody at the gym -- they're all 49ers fans. If he's wrong, I'm never going to hear the end of this."


Based in Mission San Jose, California, Five Pet Place specializes in producing the world's finest luxury pet products for cats. Made in America to a standard instead of a price, the Five Pet Place collection of stylish pet products replaces the typical cat bowls, litter box, cat tree and cat bed with a set of quality products designed to pamper cats while pleasing the people who care for them.


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