Premier Window Films Is Happy To Announce That Consumers Will Continue To Benefit From The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, Passed By Congress On January 2, 2013

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This means that all qualifying window film installations from 2012 are eligible for taxpayers to claim the credit, as well as those to be done in 2013.

Low E Film

“Improving window performance on buildings can reduce energy consumption and cooling costs by up to 30%..."

Premier Window Films™ Offers Low E Window Film, New Cost-Efficient Energy Saving Option to Replacement Windows

New retrofit low e window film out performs low e windows by providing energy savings at a lower cost and lower carbon footprint.

Premier Window Films offers introduced a new retrofit option for homeowners and facility managers that gives standard glass the performance of low emissivity windows, at a cost savings of up to 80% over replacement low e windows.

Premier Window Films offers Silver AG 50 Low E window film transforms standard glass into high performance windows, reducing energy consumption year-round, lowering costs associated with heating and cooling, and improving a building’s carbon footprint.

Product benefits
Windows are a major cause of energy loss, both in winter and summer. During colder periods, Premier Window Films Offers new low e window film reflects 63% of interior heat back into a room, while only 16% of interior heat is reflected back into a room with untreated windows. During warmer periods, Premier Window Films Offers Silver AG 50 reflects solar heat away from windows, keeping interiors cooler and reducing the need for air conditioning. Premier Window Films Offers Silver AG 50 has the highest visible light transmission (VLT) of any low e window film on the market, allowing more natural light into a building and preserving views.

Silver AG 50 Low E retrofit solution:

Reduces winter heat loss
Eliminates uncomfortable hotspots within a building
Cuts energy consumption during cold and warm weather
Provides almost two-thirds more UV protection than low e windows
Low E Window Film
Blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays
Decreases glare on television, computer and other screens
Allows natural daylight to illuminate interior rooms better than other insulating window treatments

Cost-effective and carbon negative
Retrofitting existing windows with Premier Window Films Offers Silver AG 50 Low E Window Film is up to 80% less expensive than installing new low e windows. Applying low e window film takes only a fraction of the time it takes to install new windows, and is cleaner, quieter, generates less waste and is less disruptive to building occupants.

Buildings produce 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.1 Peer-reviewed analyses show that the carbon footprint of Premier Window Films Offers films is much lower than the carbon footprint of new windows. The carbon footprint of standard window types – including aluminum, wood, PVC and curtain wall glazing – is at least 250 times greater than the carbon footprint of Premier Window Films Offers new low e window film.

“Facility managers and homeowners alike are looking for easy energy efficient upgrades, and Premier Window Films Offers continues to provide environmentally-responsible solutions.”

“Improving window performance on buildings can reduce energy consumption and cooling costs by up to 30%, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10 to 40% in commercial buildings. Retrofitting with Premier Window Films Offers will help accomplish both goals, and window film offers benefits that low e glass does not, including broad spectrum UV protection.”

Premier Window Films™ New Low E Window Film

Silver AG 50 Low E is a low emissivity (low e) window film that can reduce energy consumption during both cold and warm periods, providing your customers with year-round energy and cost savings. The low interior reflectance of Silver AG 50 Low E provides an attractive option for both residential and commercial applications, with the following benefits your customers are sure to appreciate:

Low emissivity interior surface to reduce energy consumption during colder winter months

High solar reflection for solar control during daytime and summer

Less costly than replacing windows with new low e windows, making Silver AG 50 Low E an ideal solution for the building retrofit market

Scientifically proven to be carbon negative1

Silver AG 50 Low E also has one of the highest VLTs of any low e window film product, providing the following advantages:

Preserves natural day lighting to help minimize the need for interior lighting during the day, further helping to reduce a building’s energy use and carbon footprint

Lets in the natural light that consumers love and that has been linked to improved employee productivity.

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