Mainline Roofing Contractors Discuss the Benefits of Installing a Green Roof in Merion Station, PA this Year

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Green roofing is a relatively new concept and local Pennsylvania roofing company, Mark Katona Roofing, helps explain the benefits and things to look out for regarding green roofs.

With freezing temperatures characteristic of the region this season, Pennsylvania homeowners have an eye on their energy costs. The cost of gas and electricity continue to rise and homes tend to lose the ability to properly insulate over time, so each passing year, that bill gets higher and higher. Mark Katona Roofing is a roofing contractor in Mainline Pennsylvania, providing roof maintenance, roof repairs, and replacement roofing for homeowners and businesses. Roofs play a major part in the economy and overall health of buildings. They are the first line of defense against the elements and they are also one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to insulation.

The last few years have been difficult on everyone. With new changes to taxes, health insurance, and other programs, getting a new roof may seem even more of a stretch than before. With a qualified roofing contractor in PA, however, a new roof can end up saving money rather than costing. Furthermore, as home and business owners look to find ways to control their heating and cooling costs, it may be possible to get a new roof even during these colder winter months, so long as the proper precautions are taken. In 2013, homeowners can work with a roofing company to find ways to minimize spending and maximize results. New programs have become available for home improvements, specifically those that lead to having a more energy efficient--or, green home. Professional Pennsylvania roofers know which programs are out there and how to help you take advantage of their benefits.

The keys to having a roof that works great to maximize a home’s energy efficiency include keeping water and moisture out, proper ventilation, and sustainable materials. Many will talk about the coloration of the roof—especially in warmer climates—but, the savings there is actually relatively minimal. These three core reasons are the exact same reasons that many business owners and homeowners are across Pennsylvania are feeling drafts from above, water damage behind walls, and higher heating bills this time of year.

By keeping water and moisture out, the roof is able to keep the rest of a house dry. This includes the insulation that is going to provide thermal resistance between the walls and within the interior of the roofing itself. Keeping water out of a house is also going to prevent rot and mold, which can cause both serious structural and health concerns. Sealing a roof properly includes using the right sealants and installing the appropriate flashing. If the flashing is not inserted into all the proper areas and folded correctly, it could easily tear away in storms and make a pathway for water to get into the home. If the chemical compound of the sealants applied to the roof are not made to withstand the standard moisture levels and temperatures of a given region, they are more likely to fail which will lead to roof problems down the road.

Merion Station roofers will also tell homeowners that ventilation is important, especially with the muggy summers that the area goes through. The heat that builds up during the summer months in attics and crawlspaces must have a way to escape. If it ends up trapped within the roof, it will begin to degrade the structural integrity. Moisture will gather and attack insulation and wood. A roofing contractor can make sure that all ventilation is installed in that are necessary and should also be able to verify the working condition of those vents. Special care needs to be taken when installing the roof to make sure that these vents do not become a way for water, insets, and other pests to come into the home.

The materials used in any Pennsylvania roof need to of a good quality. They need to be able to withstand the wind, snow, and rain. These materials should be designed and warrantied to last for twenty or more years. Buy trying to cut costs, some people will go with less expensive roofing materials. This causes two issues. First, the roof is more likely to fail sooner. This means that homeowners are going to need to be paying for repairs and replacements more frequently. They also tend to have defeated themselves and purpose when it comes to having a more energy efficient home. Also, by having roofing materials that fail more frequently, homeowners are creating more waste. The useless scrap needs to be fauled off to a landfill where it will take up more space. Furthermore, new materials need to be made and installed as the old roof is either repaired or replaced.

About Mark Katona Roofing: Mark Katona Roofing is a second generation roofing contractor in mainline PA based out of Philadelphia, PA providing roofing services for residential and commercial customers including replacement, repair, and maintenance on shingle, shake, tile, asphalt, flat, tin, and slate roofing. Their business survives on three core principles: top quality craftsmanship, honesty and integrity, and a service that is second to none.

Prepared by Cameron Corniuk.

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