Mattress Company, Online Bed Quilt, Responds to Yahoo Article Citing Sleep Habits in Seniors Affect Memory

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Following an article posted on Yahoo, which details a study suggesting seniors memory loss is linked to poor sleep habits, mattress company Online Bed Quilt affirmed lack of sleep can affect the brain's ability to function and suggests a new mattress might help.

O January 31, Online Bed Quilt responds to an article published by Yahoo with regard to a new study finding poor sleep habits in older people affect memory.

According to the article published on Yahoo, a study by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley found that seniors, or “baby boomers,” with inadequate sleep habits have a higher risk of suffering memory loss. Out of 33 healthy participants, 18 were in their 20s and 15 were over 60 years old. Participants were asked to remember 120 word pairs and repeat them 10 minutes later. After a full night’s rest, the participants were asked to repeat them again. The study revealed that the seniors’ ability to remember the words was 55 percent less than the younger participants.

However, the study also monitored brain waves during sleep. Scientists found that seniors often had disruptive sleep patterns and their quality of sleep was 75 percent less than the younger participants. The brain scans showed disruptions in NREM waves, which accumulates memory. Disturbing this process causes loss of short-term memories.

“We think older people sleep all time,” said Justin Maas, a representative from mattress company Online Bed Quilt. “And they might be, but that’s probably because they don’t sleep soundly. There are many variables that can disrupt sleep, but it might be because they don’t have the proper sleep products.”

Maas said that as the body ages, different bones and muscles become more sensitive. “Older people might not realize that their mattress isn’t suitable for their body anymore,” he said. “If they aren’t comfortable while they sleep, their brain won’t function properly and their memory will be affected.”

The article said, “The scientific community has understood for some time that sleep strengthens newly formed memories.” The article revealed that enforcing sleep and introducing sleep treatments to seniors could help halt memory loss.

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