Dock & Door Tec: Helping Businesses Save Energy Despite Winter Weather

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Dock & Door Tec hopes to make drafty, energy-hogging loading docks a thing of the past by supplying its customers with modern, environmentally friendly products. Its state-of-the-art doors, seals and shelters, and other equipment are making it possible for clients to save on energy costs, despite the exceptionally cold winter.

Loading Dock and Overhead Door

Dock and Door Tec. Loading Dock and Overhead Door

With the right equipment properly installed, loading dock activities can carry on with virtually no contact with the outside elements.

Many businesses are struggling to keep energy costs down as record-breaking cold continues to plague multiple areas in the U.S. Conserving energy is a challenge for any business, but especially warehouses and other facilities with loading docks where the opening and closing of doors for shipping and receiving can cause drafts and overwork HVAC systems. Still, even with the frigid temperatures, Dock & Door Tec (DDT), a Minnesota-based loading dock and commercial door provider, continues to help customers save on energy costs and claims its products make it possible for companies to save money and be "green" year round.
Dock & Door Tec says the primary way facilities can reduce energy consumption is by properly sealing their building off from outside elements. DDT owners suggest out-of-date or damaged doors and loading dock seals and shelters are the main culprits in heating/cooling loss.
"We find that most people who call us in need of energy saving solutions are working with damaged or old-fashioned equipment," said DDT owner Jay Anderson. "Even a small gap in a door or a tiny tear in a seal can cause an extraordinary loss of heated air."
One of DDT's suggested energy saving products is a high performance, all-weather door which is capable of operating at speeds of 96-inches per second -- drastically reducing the amount of time a warehouse is exposed to the outdoors. Additionally, even if a loading dock doesn't require a specialty door, they recommend all buildings have at least a well-fitted door and some type of seal or shelter. DDT sells and installs an assortment of seals and shelters, including compression and inflatable styles, and says new customers might be surprised by the innovative products currently on the market.
"It's amazing how far loading dock equipment has advanced over the years," said Anderson. "With the right equipment properly installed, loading dock activities can carry on with virtually no contact with the outside elements. And with a dock management system to tie it all together, the equipment can run efficiently and take the strain off workers."
In addition to doors and seals, Anderson says DDT has many other products, such as leveler insulators, air exchangers, and breakaway door panels that can keep workers warm while cutting energy costs. He urges those who are interested in energy savings not to wait to take action, as there's still time to reap the benefits this season, and all upgrades and maintenance will cut costs in the summer and beyond.
DDT serves customers throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Western Wisconsin. To learn more about DDT's energy saving solutions, visit the Dock and Door Website.

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