G.E.M. Responds to MSNBC Article "Want a Top Job? Do the Math"

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Is this too good to be true or are there really companies that are willing to give people a job and allow them to do it from the comfort of their own home without any interview or supervision? Global Education Movement reveals the truth.

Work from home scam

Global Education Movement Exposes Major Internet Scam

“Trust me, Wilbur. People are very gullible. They'll believe anything they see in print.”
E.B. White, Charlotte's Web.

Global Education Movement reveals the truth about the article "Want a Top Job? Do the Math" reportedly published by MSNBC. While the claim of earning $87,000 a year for posting links online for a company seems too good to be true, the fact that it is being published by MSNBC would have most people willing to risk the $9.95 to give it a try. So are there really companies out there willing to hire people to work for them and at the same time not requiring them to work under the sharp eye of a supervisor but from the comfort of their own home as well as pay them more money than they could make with a normal job?

When looking at the article everything seems legitimate. But only because it was published by MSNBC - Or was it? The site and URL all look legit, msnbc.msn.com-im9.net/finance/?KN9yk3 to what looks like MSNBC. And news agencies often post commentaries about direct sales and MLM companies. The only thing that does not seem legitimate is the too good to be true claim it makes but a closer look at the link reveals it is not MSNBC's domain something only an expert would spot. Even the author of the article which was highjacked could not figure out how it was done. The real domain is actually com-im9.net, msnbc.msn are just sub domains. They have nothing to do with MSNBC and are just words used in a subdomain. There is nothing that MSNBC can do to stop it.

There are some jobs that allow people to stay at home and work, however, people get these types of jobs the same way they get any other job: by filling out an application and going in for an interview. No legitimate company is going to hire someone to represent their company without at least going through those preliminary steps nor would they ever charge anything to get or apply for a job, not even shipping costs as that article states.

What about Direct sales companies? Does the fact that it cost money to be involved mean they are also scams? No it does not. The biggest direct sales company in the world is Avon and they charge a fee to sell their products. It is similar to a franchise whereby distributors pay money to be able to use their name and sell their products.

Oftentimes Direct sales or MLM companies get bad reputations not because of the companies themselves but from the people who are in them. Dishonest salespeople can be found everywhere; direct sales and MLM are not their refuge. People are always being sold things that don't do what the salesperson told them and often don't find out until it is too late to return the item or retract the sale.

Red Flags for online scams are:

Get paid for doing nothing: If a person or company says people can make money just for joining this is a scam.

Jobs that charge any kind of fees: Employers do not charge fees and require job applications and interviews.

Free to join business opportunities: This is one of the most deceptive of all online scams and one that most people fall prey to because they feel they have nothing to lose. They often promise great future products that never materialize. The purpose of this type of scam is to collect names, email addresses and phone numbers for a boiler room list. Boiler rooms are groups of scammers who work together to try and sell unsuspecting people something. They are professional con artists and given enough time can persuade even the most intelligent people.

Does anything online fit the bill of what this article claims? We have found 2 things. The first is E-commerce affiliate programs. Most e-commerce sites have free affiliate programs sites like Amazon, Walmart and Target, for example. However, affiliates are required to make sales within a specific time or they will be forced out which means all the money they spent on advertising and all the work they did advertising their link will be lost when the link is deactivated. This type of business is great for people who know how to sell though.

The second is Smart Media Technologies. This company measures up to the company in the article as far as the type of work done. It is possible to make money with SMT by posting links just as the fake "MSNBC" article says because of one of their products. While SMT does have products that it sells their new product Home Page Pays v2 is actually free. Distributors simply give the product away which can be done by posting links online. Distributors get paid whenever those free people use the product.

SMT makes its money for this product from advertisers just like Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin. The distributor earns money whenever the free users use the product and when those free users give it to other people. No sales are required for the distributors to earn money which is a perfect business for anyone since most people cannot sell but everyone can give something away of immense value that is free.

To learn more about e-commerce affiliate programs check the bottom of your favorite websites for the word affiliate. To learn more about Smart Media Technologies visit their website at: http://smartmediacommunications.com

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