Advanced Home Teeth Whitening Kit From New Line Products LLC Eliminates Cumbersome Preparation Procedure

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The health & beauty division of New Line Products LLC announces the release of an advanced home teeth whitening kit that transcends conventional counterparts is now available to consumers wanting a more convenient product. Using cutting-edge technology, it saves time, is easier to use, and achieves impressive results.

The new kit combines several cutting-edge marvels making it easier-to-use, less time-consuming, and more effective than traditional products.

The health & beauty division of New Line Products LLC, kissMe! Teeth Whitening, has created a professional grade teeth whitening kit that closely resembles dental office teeth whitening. The new kit combines several cutting-edge marvels making it easier-to-use, less time-consuming, and more effective than traditional products.

“The most striking feature of the new kit is a state-of-the-art mouth insert that eliminates the cumbersome preparation of cheaper conventional inserts,” said Sarah Corrado, Director of Marketing at kissMe!. These inserts (or mouth trays) are used to bring the teeth whitening agent into contact with the teeth surfaces being whitened. Traditional inserts require a lengthy and hazardous procedure. This includes immersing the insert in very hot water to form a full mouth impression. The break-through insert from kissMe! requires no preparation and is ready to use as is. Made of soft FDA compliant food-grade silicone, it can form a perfect dental mold in seconds in a single easy step. Whitening gel is then immediately inserted into each tooth impression in the mold. “This is hands down the best kit I have seen! The mold is awesome … I have not seen that before,” commented Jeffrey Stewart from, an online daily deal site.

A small, portable whitening light that corresponds to dental office blue light technology is included with the kit. By adding energy to the whitening process, the blue light shortens treatment time. kissMe! has also created a whitening formula ideally balanced for obtaining maximum results with minimal risk of discomfort. In addition, a proprietary ingredient added to the formula enhances the effect of the blue light, further reducing treatment time. Whiter teeth are noticeable with the first 20 minute treatment and dramatic results are possible when all six treatments included in the kit are applied.

There are countless inexpensive offshore sources of teeth whitening products available to dentists and home teeth whitening providers. However, serious quality issues are not uncommon with these cheaper products due to inferior manufacturing standards and other factors. All of kissMe!’s teeth whitening kits are made in the U.S.A. Exceptional manufacturing standards have given kissMe!’s teeth whitening products the unique honor of being certified as Kosher by International Kosher.

kissMe! Teeth Whitening has been very successful in marketing their products on daily deal sites, such as, Groupon, Eversave, Daily Candy, and others according to Sarah Corrado quoted above. She also reported, “Later this year, we will release an upscale wholesale product line for dentists, spas, and other retail outlets that are looking for new, cutting-edge smile enhancement products.”

New Line Products LLC has been producing home teeth whitening kits since 2009. Their total product line include other smile enhancement items including a Pocket Whitener, Tooth Gloss, and Enamel Booster. More information can be found at

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