Why Valentine’s Day is the Worst Time to get a Boyfriend

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http://www.How-to-get-men.com explains why valentine's day is the worst time to get a boyfriend, and the good news that you can use towards your advantage.

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not compromising on standards of who or why you date, and you’ll be in control of the season. Then you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day, instead of it rolling you over.

As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, single people are feeling the pressure of being alone and are getting more and more desperate to hook up with someone. Having to watch other couples in love, or recalling better days with an ex, it is no wonder why the oncoming stress of Valentine’s Day is creeping up on them.

Contrary to natural instincts, Valentine’s Day can be the worst time to get a new boyfriend, claims how-to-get-men.com. Relationship coach Daniel Johnson explains why.

“It’s the worst time to hook-up with someone new for a number of reasons. First of all, people are more desperate, both men and women. They will lower their standards and as a result when the first month passes and they aren’t affected by “Valentine’s Day don’t be caught single fever” anymore, they will realize they aren’t a good match together. The only reason they got together in the first place was because; they didn’t want to be alone, they felt pressured because their ex is in a relationship, or just because having to watch other people in love really puts stress on them. Not to mention that during this season strong feelings of rejection and rebound can come back, just because it’s Valentine’s Day. As a result, many relationships formed during this time just don’t last”.

“There is however good news about Valentine’s Day for women. Men are a lot more open and have a want for emotional connections when they would normally be closed off. They are feeling the pressure as well, and pressure can change a person’s behavior. As a result, here’s what you can do to use it for your advantage; understand men, and go in to Valentine’s Day with the right mindset.”

“Things like; how do I find the right man, what men want, how to love a man, and how men think, and what are his needs, are things that need to be understood in order to make relationships work on a woman’s part. Don’t just walk into the Valentine’ Day season moody because you’re single, or desperate, walk in smart.

Go in with a mindset that even though there’s pressure, an understanding of men is what will give any relationship the chance it needs. This will allow relationships to go far beyond the typical lifespan that only last this season. Pair it along with not compromising on standards of who or why you date, and you’ll be in control of the season. Then you can take advantage of Valentine’s Day, instead of it rolling you over.”

And remember to be watchful of two things;

1) Watch out for players or very short-term boyfriends who will be out there trying to take advantage of women in this season. They know that women are looking for someone and will take advantage of it.

2) And don’t get back with your ex, as this season can make you easily forget why the two of you broke up in the first place.

How-to-get-men.com is a website that helps people understand men, how to handle problems with them in a relationship, and what to do to get them.

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