Washington Cannabis Institute Helping People Understand Marijuana Legalization in Washington

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The voters of Washington were given a chance to vote for legalizing marijuana for personal use, and Initiative 502 was passed on November 7th of 2012. Washington Cannabis Institute is there to educate the public about I-502 and how to operate a marijuana business under the new law.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) did a lot of work, along with the people of Washington state, to pass this petition. They collected the votes; then state government legally allowed the possession of marijuana up to one ounce to anyone above the age of 21.

David Kerr, the marijuana defense attorney, and also a legal education provider at Washington Cannabis Institute, said in an interview that the majority of polls were in the support of marijuana legalization in last year. He also mentioned that regulation of these policies will require a lot of support and implication of policies.

Kerr also provided the press with some actual figures of the votes. According the Washington Secretary of State, 55.7% of the people voted in the favor of legalizing marijuana; over 25 million people in Washington show the desire of using recreational marijuana just like alcohol.

Kerr went on to say that legalization of marijuana will lead to great advantages for the state not only in tax dollars but also saving money that would have been spent on prosecuting innocent people. People will be required to show their ID cards to purchase marijuana at designated and approved retail locations. He explained that the drug dealers will not be able to compete in the market because of the application process and background checks; the black market will decline as well. Moreover, he said that marijuana can be used to treat various medical diseases as well. Its legalization will lead to the utilization in treating various dangerous illnesses such as cancer, sclerosis and many others.

The legalization has faced a lot of criticism by the opponents of the legalization of marijuana, such as Kevin Sabet and former Democratic U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy. According to Kennedy, who stated on January 9th press release to the Associated Press titled "Pot opponents regroup following Wash., Colo. votes", "Our country is about to go down the wrong road, in the opposite direction of sound mental health policy."

Kevin Sabet, a former White House drug policy adviser and an outspoken opponent of legalizing marijuana, watched with dismay last fall as voters in Washington and Colorado did just that. Sabet is looking for different ways to differentiate between the legalization and prohibition of the drug’s use. Patrick Kennedy stated to ABC News that he supported the vision of Sabet.

According to a press release on 10th January, 2013, Sabet and Kennedy both are going to start a new project called SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) to minimize the negative effect of legalized marijuana in Washington. The basic aim of this organization will be to reduce the number of people using drugs in the state of Washington. This will definitely decrease the number of people who are badly affected by the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Washington Cannabis Institute focuses on seminars related to business compliance as well as cultivation of cannabis. Such information reinforces the goal of Washington Cannabis Institute in creating a legal and well established industry for patients needing cannabis. The next seminar on February 2nd & 3rd, 2013 will cover all aspects of setting up a business as well as helpful tips on the cultivation of marijuana for patients to create a self-sufficient and legal establishment for marijuana.

For more information about Washington Cannabis Institute events, visit http://washingtonmarijuanaschool.com

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