JT Foxx Talks Scams/Complaints/Fraud and How to Avoid them All

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Tough economic times require even more prevention

JT Foxx of the JT Foxx Organization has analyzed the five most common ways to become wealthy.

Per JT, “You can work smart and have persistence. You can invest wisely, securely and profitably. You can sue someone with money, extort them and hope they settle or finally you can scam and defraud people. Unfortunately, the last two are becoming more and more predominant for entrepreneurs for investors and the average American. Bernie Madoff is one the greatest frauds of all time but it did alarm us of the dangers that we need to open our eyes to.”

JT Foxx, serial entrepreneur, founder of Mega Partnering and one of the best business wealth coaches in the world gives simple advice on how to avoid scams, complaints and frauds. “The first thing you need to is to stay away with so called gurus selling you properties. They may be getting money upfront by wholesaling properties to you and you have a deal at 90% of market value, but if something goes wrong the new owner is left holding the bag. I would recommend to the guru and prospect buyer that the other person only gets paid when the property is sold so there is skin in the game. If the property gains value, both parties win but if it loses value, the guru is also on the hook. In addition, anyone who guarantees return of 10% needs to just go away, because there are no guarantees in business.” 

It’s not hard making money in today’s market, but entrepreneurs and investors need to be careful because there is no much thing about making a quick buck. However, good entrepreneurs can become victims of extortion schemes from people hoping false claims will embarrass them into settling.

Trust, but verify and be careful because it takes years to build a great business and one incident to bring it all down. For more tips, you can visit a great blog at http://www.Outfoxxthemarket.com.

About Mega Partnering

Mega Partnering is an independent international organization JT Foxx created after watching a 60-minute episode about Davos, applying, and getting turned down when he tried to start his own business. Not willing to take rejection, JT Foxx decided to start his own opportunities for small businesses and called it “Mega Partnering”. The conference has since grown to include small entrepreneurs from all over the world, and raises money for charitable initiatives, keeping with the philosophy, “Learn, Earn, Return”.

Mega Partnering attendees have included Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Gene Simmons, Kevin Harrington, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, George Ross, Wayne Allyn Root, Stedman Graham and Bruce Buffer. Videos of the conference speakers are available for free at http://www.MegaPartnering.com.

Mega Partnering is committed to improving the state of the business world by engaging small businesses, real estate investors, internet marketers, and other leaders of society to shape partnerships and life-long relations.

For media requests, interviews or questions please email Media(at)MegaPartnering.com

About JT Foxx

J.T. Foxx (http://www.OutfoxxTheMarket.com) started investing with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and 1 cheap suit. Now just 6 years later, he has acquired and sold over 500 properties, closed over $40 million in real estate deals. He is a serial entrepreneur and started several multi-million dollar companies all over the world, became one the most sought after motivational speakers and recognized as one of the top wealth coaches in the world all by mastering the Art of partnering, branding, networking, and marketing.

J.T. is the syndicated weekend radio personality of the “J.T. Foxx Show” in the U.S. and Canada. His radio program features celebrity guests as Senator John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Gene Simmons, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Trump, George Ross, Kevin O’Leary, Newt Gingrich and Dennis Hastert, Governor Pataki and celebrated authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, and David Bach.

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